Five Top Lesbian and Gay Wedding Gifts

A gay or lesbian wedding is often called a commitment ceremony because gay or lesbian marriages have not been legalized in many jurisdictions. Regardless of the occasion is referred to when the gay or lesbian couple says their vows, the tastefulness of the gay wedding gift or the tastelessness of a lesbian commitment present remains an issue worth a top five listing.

There are two general types of gay and lesbian wedding gifts. The first are the type gifts that are an expression of being gay or lesbian. The others are the ones that would be appropriate for the straight marriage or non-gay wedding gifts as well. I’ll list one of each type in my top five listing.

  1. Simple and small gifts are the most common of all wedding presents and that is true for the gay couple, the lesbian pair or the straight bride and groom. A good wedding gift is a nice set of towels for example. The type of gift that makes a sexual orientation statement would be a towel set that says his and his, or hers and hers for the lesbian married couple. A good quality set that says nothing is nice a gay wedding gift that is simply a general statement of commitment congratulations.
  2. Specific movies, books or music. I’ve seen people give dvd or blu-ray movies as wedding gifts. A person could give a gay-oriented selection of books, music, or movies to make a statement or they might simply give some that they particularly enjoy. I suggest that either is good but the better gay or lesbian wedding offering might be to give a gift card instead so the couple can choose what they like.
  3. Celebratory items are a good wedding gift. These could include sky lanterns, cake toppers or party poppers. These can also come in versions that make a loud gay or lesbian wedding statement like the groom and groom or a bride with a bride as the cake topper couples. Sky lanterns are gifts that don’t really say anything toward the lesbian or gay wedding unless one assigns special sexual meanings to colors.
  4. A vacation gift is a great wedding present but it’s often from the parents. If you’re a person that would give a honeymoon trip as a wedding gift then I want to invite you to my wedding. A trip to a place like San Francisco would be a lesbian or gay specific statement but a vacation in Fiji would be just a very nice wedding gift for a lesbian or gay couple.
  5. The last gift I’ll mention here is simply cash and a card. Whether the couple is lesbian, gay or even straight, the marriage or the commitment service is an expensive thing and getting some money back is a big help. Make whatever statement you want to on the card and I trust it will be tasteful. The key is to express your support and to offer some monetary assistance.

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