Five Ways To Fight 'Passion Drafts' In Gay Dating

"I no longer feel as close to my partner as I used to once." "There is something wrong with our relationship, we are drifting apart." "I am bored with him. We hang out together so much that now I am missing my space."

Gay dating and relationships suffer from same problems that straights and heterosexuals suffer. The heat and passion that brings you and your partner together, often evaporates after few months of togetherness.

Progression of gay dating

The usual pattern of gay dating starts in gay nightclubs, where you hook up with a hottie. Everything about him is just perfect, you both love same things, you have been to same places, and you feel you are 'made for each other'. You make a date and decision to meet in the same gay nightclub on next weekend. The gay nightclub that you visit sort of becomes your sacred meeting spot then you go a step further and visit other places that you like. As time progresses, whenever you both are free, you both meet up and share a special bond, which at that time dreams will last forever.

However, change is the rule of universe and the bond that united you once, dissolves gradually. If you are in a situation like this, read on. The following five tips may help you to get rid of boredom in your relationship:

o Communicate, communicate, and communicate. This is the key to success in all relationships

o Ask your boyfriend to respect your privacy and space and then visit gay nightclubs separately. Meet new people and make new friends

o If you two do not meet each other for a month but continue to talk on phone during this period, the next scheduled visit may get the sparks alive

o Understand, this is a transitional phase that comes in all relationships, gay or otherwise

o If you are having commitment phobia and do not like permanency in life in fear of stagnancy and boredom, remember you can be adventurous without switching partners. The best way to get rid of boredom is traveling to new places, doing something new, trying something that you both do not do usually

Gay dating and relationships are no different from heterosexual relationship. Do not think that you will not encounter the same set of problems that the world around you faces.

Gay night clubs and gay dating hotspots

You might like to go to many new traveling destinations and gay nightclubs. Internet is the source to get more information about new places to rekindle your lost love.

If you want to add fun and wish to do something new, you can visit places such as The Backstreet. This venue is known for its sexy leather and rubber fetish visitors. Another hotspot in London is Black Cap, a pub that features drag cabaret by night.

There are many more bars, bubs, and gay nightclubs that may catch you fancy. Information is available on the net, all you need to do is open your eyes, mind, and soul!

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