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Web surfers are constantly looking to download free software utilities, especially to maintain the stability, security and improving the performance of their own computer. Whilst browsing online, we find loads of companies advertising free registry cleaners. One has to be very careful before downloading or trying any solution.

The Windows registry is practically the heart of any computer, because it stores all software, hardware settings and system configurations. Choosing any free registry cleaner, you might get yourself into more costs, because changes can even stall your system and consequently will need professional help to repair your computer. Before even trying to repair anything, make sure you have a backup of a working registry in a safe place.

How to choose a registry cleaner? Besides checking that it has backup and restore facilities on system crashes (can’t stress that enough), you must research a bit about the company producing the software. There are many free registry cleaners available that can cause even more damage that they can fix, some are even spyware! Also note, that many of the online reviews are biased because they are affiliated with particular brands. I would recommend you visit the supplier’s website directly and check for reviews by reliable computer magazine editors and on public forums, where users give their honest opinion.

Most of the registry cleaners that can be downloaded for free are limited in functionality or usable for a small period of time, while completely freeware registry cleaners have only few features when compared to complete solution. If you are looking for a fully featured registry cleaner, that can repair, defrag and even optimize your system, you will need to buy such software. Having said that, they are usually very cheap too.

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