Frightful Fairness

Just about every Halloween, it appears to be, is accompanied by at minimum a person sequel to an current horror film franchise. You know the drill: (Monster / serial killer / evil puppetmaster) returns from (dying / summer camp / outer house) to when yet again check out terror on (a peaceful city / younger family members / teenage idiots). At the videos, the Saw franchise is cashing in on its fourth chapter. While the legacy of Jigsaw continues to disgust and disturb moviegoers, still left-wing activists are attempting to get their possess sequel off the ground: Fairness Doctrine II: The Nightmare Carries on!

Despite the fact that the Fairness Doctrine has been dead for 20 yrs (killed by the FCC, underneath Reagan), Media Issues and other liberal businesses have been agitating for its return. There are two scenarios which could see a reanimated Fairness Doctrine increase from its grave and return to terrorize the airwaves:

1) Congress could re-enact it by power of legislation. This is really unlikely, as 113 Democrats voted before this year to prevent the FCC from restoring the Fairness Doctrine for a time period of a person year. Far more importantly, these kinds of a bill would get the &#39veto&#39 stamp the instant it landed on the president&#39s desk.

two) FCC commissioners are appointed by the president. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, she shares the FCC with fellow liberals, who then reinstate the Fairness Doctrine at her urging.

The 2nd state of affairs is far far more likely, as Senator Clinton remains the prospect to conquer. The Fairness Doctrine merely awaits resurrection at the palms of a liberal president.

In an try to drive a stake by means of the coronary heart of this corpse, Rep. Mike Pence has drafted the Broadcaster Flexibility Act, which would prevent Congress from funding the Fairness Doctrine, if it had been ever re-enacted. The fact that it has hence far been blocked from reaching the Home ground lends plausibility to the 2nd state of affairs.

With the Fairness Doctrine in hand, President Clinton would have a powerful device for quashing dissent and neutralizing terrible push above the airwaves. Radio exhibits would now have to dedicate equivalent time to each individual aspect of each individual situation ever outlined on the air. Faced with plummeting quantities and a mass exodus of advertising, station house owners would practically surely make a decision to slash their expenditures by receiving rid of the political commentary and watering down the speak exhibits with fewer controversial fare. An total medium of interaction would be minimized to a minimal murmur, buried underneath an avalanche of limitations and laws.

Audio disturbing? Sad to say, it would not be the 1st time that a president made use of a federal regulatory agency to silence dissent. Invoice Ruder, assistant Secretary of Commerce to the Kennedy Administration admitted that in the 1960&#39s, “Our substantial method was to use the Fairness Doctrine to challenge and harass ideal-wing broadcasters and hope that the problems would be so expensive to them that they would be inhibited and make a decision it was also expensive to proceed. ”

At present, Rep. Pence is building use of a discharge petition (which demands the aid of 218 associates) to carry the Broadcaster Flexibility Act bill to the Home ground. With 201 supporters, Pence desires 7 far more associates to phone for a vote, Speaker Pelosi&#39s objections notwithstanding.

Now would be an excellent time for anxious citizens to phone, write, or e-mail their Democratic congressmen and urge them to aid Pence&#39s petition. If the bill can be introduced to the ground, Rep. Pence is self-confident that the Fairness act can be permanently buried, and the sooner the far better. It seems that 2008 will see the premiere of at minimum a person horror film specifically, The Rise of Hillary. Frankly, I can not belly the thought of a double characteristic.

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