From The Blackbird To The Leech

We discuss here the interaction of various animals with water. The blackbird hides when it rains and afterwards comes out and sings a happy song. In everybody’s life a little rain must fall it says. The Bible says that our present light affliction brings about an exceeding weight of eternal glory in an extraordinary way, for we do not look at the things that are visible, but at the invisible. For the visible things are temporary and the invisible things are eternal. Also it says that there is no comparison between temporary suffering and eternal glory.

We can learn from the blackbird. However the duck is stubborn and the chicken is pitiful in the rain. The Bible furthermore tells us that we must not succumb under the discipline of the Lord, nor harden our hearts. Also it says: Humble then yourselves under the mighty hand of the Lord, that He may extol you in due time.

Of the Pharisees the Lord said: You are like whitewashed tombs, but on the inside you are full of vermin. One could say they were like treacherous snakes. To the apostle Paul He said: Saul, is it hard for you to kick against the pricks! This reminds us of the duck that shakes his head against the rain.

Solomon talks about the leech and that she has two daughters, ‘Give’ and ‘Give’. Are not the economy and religion like that. People are not really satisfied. We want more and more. And though the Lord wants our entire heart, of the Pharisees the Lord said that they went about the city and the country to find a convert and when they found him, they turned him into a son of hell twice as bad. And those that are in control keep the masses ignorant and poor.

In the movie Shawshank Redemption the victim complains that a curse like a leaf whirls with the wind and lands on an innocent person. However that may be, Solomon put it this way: Like a sparrow flutters and like a swallow flies, thus a curse does not come without a cause. But actually one can also translate not without reason or goal (aim). Both are true. For a curse there is a cause that answers the why and there is a reason that answers the what for.

Animal activists are right that we must not abuse our power over animals. But they are wrong when they think that they are not of a lower rank than humans in the order of Creation. The Bible even speaks of beasts without reason and that humans can be like that. Yet when the Lord states that You are worth more than many sparrows, does He not imply that a human is not worth more than all sparrows!

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