Gay Approach to Cook Up a Bromance With Your Straight Friend Fast

Looking for a gay dating guide to help you make your straight friend finally fall? The problem with falling in love with your friend is not only the question of how he feels about you, but what happens to your friendship after you take the plunge, since there is no guarantee that he feels the same way for you until you ask him. In this way, it is better to hit on strangers since there is not much attachment and emotional investment in the event it turns the wrong way.

The trick is to take it slow and easy. You may feel overwhelmed by your feelings for your friend, but any gay dating guide will tell you that going aggressive and desperate will take you nowhere. Divide the information you divulge to your friend, one at a time, to allow him time and space to process it and how he feels about it.

Like following a gay dating guide, for example, on one meeting, go into telling him that you like men more than women. See how he takes it. If he supports you on your decision and still wants to remain friends with you, that is a good sign to continue further.

Allow the idea of you being gay to sink in before you drop the next bomb. When he seems to be comfortable with the idea, go into telling him that you like him. Just be direct and simple in saying it – no drama or sappy lines involved. If your friend has kept an open mind to your gender preference, there is a high chance that whatever he feels about you, your friendship will be able to survive this challenge because you have stuck it together through these crises.

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