Gay local community dwelling in worry

Lagos, Nigeria – November 11, 2011
1. Several photographs of muslims praying for the duration of a Friday juma’h prayer in Lagos.
Lagos, Nigeria – November 16, 2011
two. Several exact gender bill on personal computer monitor
three. SOUNDBITE (English) Rashidi Williams, homosexual legal rights activist. Government director, Queer Alliance :
“This bill, if passed into regulation, will escalate the tension that we are dealing with on the grounds of our sexual orientation and gender identification, it will guide to additional violence, it will guide to additional hatred, it will guide to additional discrimination, additional blackmailing and extortion on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identification.”
Lagos, Nigeria – October 26, 2011
4. Several homosexual local community in Lagos at assembly.
++shot in silhouette to protect speaker’s identification++
five. SOUNDBITE (English) Abraham 26, Outreach coordinator
“I am a homosexual male but not leaving openly homosexual individual for the reason that when you glance at the amount of stigma and discrimination for homosexual in nigeria which is quite quite large.”
six. Several homosexual adult men at assembly
+++Intense close to protect speaker’s identification+++
7. SOUNDBITE (English) Ola 27, University student, College of Lagos:
“We are not trying to find for relationship, we are just trying to find for acceptance overall health sensible, modern society and let’s just be ourselves and do what we want to do that is, influence positively into the financial state of Nigeria.”
Lagos, Nigeria – October 26, 2011
8. Pan shot of a indication display with bold print of unspoken legal rights extract from the Nigerian structure
nine. Several homosexual adult men at assembly
Lagos, Nigeria – October 8, 2011
ten. Several set up photographs of Joseph Sewedo Akoro
11. SOUNDBITE (English) Joseph Sewedo Akoro, homosexual legal rights activist, The Initiative for Equal Legal rights:
“The impact that this gives is that the bill only influences the people today who are homosexuals but than homosexuals has bought spouse and children, homosexuals go away in communities, so regardless of what influences them influences the local community at massive.”
12. Mid shot, two homosexual adult men seated
thirteen. Setup shot of Humphrey
++severe close to protect speaker’s identification++
fourteen. SOUNDBITE (English) Humphrey 27, Treats retailer:
“I failed to just wake-up and desired anyone to tech me how to be homosexual, I uncovered proper in me that I am homosexual for the reason that I started out been sexually captivated to a man, I could have emotions for a girl does not mean I want to have a relationship with her.”
Lagos, Nigeria – October 27, 2011
fifteen. Several set up shot of Prof. Adedoyin Oyekanmi
16. SOUNDBITE (English) Prof. Adedoyin Felicia Oyekanmi, Professor of Sociology, College of Lagos:
“The modern society sees that any sexual relationship that does not have the prospect of primary to the output of new customers is like throwing away time and exertion and this is why it frowns towards it. Now some religions could anxiety it additional than other individuals but that is the underlying issue.”
Lagos, Nigeria – November 27, 2011
seventeen. Several shot of outside the house the cathedral church Lagos
19. SOUNDBITE: ( English) Segun Doherty, Consulting Engineer
“I am an anglican and I am a christian. we all know what the bible say’s about that (homosexuality) so I can not, I am not that liberal I am sorry, I can not go outside the house the bible to agree or to settle for or condone regardless of what they are saying about exact sex relationship.”
twenty. Pan shot of the Anglican Cathedral church, Lagos.
Remaining homosexual in Nigeria implies dwelling in worry of becoming attacked as very well as becoming discriminated towards.
Now legislators are trying to find to criminalise not only homosexual relationship, but also outlaw teams supporting homosexuality.
Nigeria is a deeply religious state – in which muslims and christians similarly dominate. It’s also a state in which becoming homosexual is not tolerated.
Performing so would only make additional complications, he states, in this state in which legislators are now trying to find to criminalise homosexual relationship.

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