Gay Male Chastity Secrets

Gay male chastity is no more or less common than heterosexual male chastity, something many gay couples interested in finding out more about the lifestyle find surprising. Fact:

Gay Male Chastity

Is as much fun for gay men as it is for everyone else! Why would anyone assume it was any different? (gay female chastity is virtually unknown, in my experience, though, but, then, female chastity is much rarer between couples, for all sorts of reasons).

In many relationships between gay men, one partner is generally more dominant than the other, just as in male/female relationships, and so it’s commonly the less dominant partner who ends up locked in male chastity.

But not always, because one of the quirks with gay male chastity is because they’re both men… each can benefit from being locked (and benefit from the other being locked, too). In other words, it seems to be fairly common that both partners are locked and denied, and sometimes for quite long periods of time.

As a keyholder to my husband and witness to how hot and horny he gets after several months of strict orgasm denial, I can but imagine how amazing it must be if both of you are in that situation.

Now, one question that does arise, usually when both partners are equally dominant in the relationship is who gets locked, and who gets the key — assuming they aren’t both going to be locked, of course.

Well, the answer is often to swap — quite literally take it in turns to be keyholder. Of course, this will often entail buying two devices, especially if you’re serious about the lifestyle and buy a bespoke device, but in the long run it’s worth it. In any case you’ll generally find one partner tends to prefer to be locked more than the other, so the locker/locked relationship naturally gravitates to the more normal situation where one partner is kept in strict chastity and the other remains free to orgasm.

As you can see, it can all be a lot of fun – you just have to let your hair down and experiment!

And if you’re SICK and TIRED of all the hype and nonsense you read about gay male chastity, and you know it makes sense to get sane, safe and realistic information from a genuine 24/7 couple who are living the lifestyle, then…

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