Gay Marriage Will Trump All Spiritual Flexibility

If Govt legitemizes Gay/lesbian unions then it follows that People who would refuse to bow to this will be persecuted, fined, jailed. It follows that colleges will have to teach that this is ordinary conduct and appropriate. Discrimination in any form against gays or their life-style will constantly trump spiritual flexibility…..
Organizations can not refuse service for gay weddings

The Nightmare That Is Coming, People today Way too Blind To See This Operate-Away Freight Prepare Headed Our Way
The Establishment of Gay Marriage will equivalent Gay Rights.
Gay Rights will Trump Catholic/Christian Rights, household rights, church rights, and flexibility of conscience:
The Coming Christian Persecution and Vilification of All Christianity.

Church Silence From the Pulpit Is Going To Enable Gay Rights to Wipe out—- Spouse and children, Our Youth, Our State, And The Church In This State With no A Actual Combat

The Photo That Has Been Painted For People Who Can See It Is Really Distinct:

Threat of the Homosexual Agenda to Your Freedoms

Aged Christian florist faces countless numbers in fines for refusing to offer bouquets for gay wedding day

Bakery sees small business boom right after ‘gay wedding day cake’ refusal

Photographers guilty of ‘discrimination’ for refusing to shoot same-sex ‘wedding’: New Mexico court docket

Lesbian few mulls action against Christian wedding day cake baker

Florist underneath fireplace for refusing bouquets for gay ‘wedding’

Gay Rights Group Documents Human Rights Grievance against T-Shirt Corporation

Gay Marriage Will Trump Spiritual Liberty

Despise speech: NBC Ann Curry attacks Kirk Cameron’s Spiritual Beliefs

Supreme Court docket muzzles free speech in Canada, procedures against Christian Professional-household activist

Canadian Supreme Court docket Regulations Biblical Speech opposing Homosexual Actions is a “Despise Crime”

Ecuadorean Preacher Fined $3,000, Banned from Politics for Calling homosexuality “Immoral”

Choose procedures in favor of lesbians suing Hawaii Bread and Breakfast

Students Want Anti-Gay Priest Removed From George Washington College Newman Heart

Archbishop Cordileone states scenario against gay relationship-What the new Public norm for gay relationship will indicate question David Parker, ocean Grove Methodist, Unwell evangelical Child Famioly Providers

Homosexual Activist Admits Legitimate Intent of Fight is to Wipe out Marriage.This will in the long run incorporate initiatives to silence and punish some church buildings that brazenly adhere to their spiritual teachings about relationship and sexual morality.)

Catholic Church May possibly have to get out of the Wedding day busines if British isles Backs gay “relationship”

Choose: Firing instructor Who Identified as homosexuality a sin reflects “modern-day British Values of Tolerance”

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