Gay Parenting – Children With Gay Parents

One of the most difficult things that people have to deal with in today's society is gay parenting. Society still views gay and lesbian couples who have children differently, which in turn results in the society's children looking down on the couple's children. Evidence of this is easy to find. All you have to do is look at the current laws. Same sex couples with children do not have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. There are even cases of the children being taken away from gay couples and guardianship being granted to a heterosexual relative or friend, which does not make any sense.

The reason that these views do not make any sense is that there really is no proof that gay parenting has a negative effect on the children. In reality, there actually have been studies that show there are many positive effects of having gay parents. One of the positive effects that the children receive is an increase in empathy and tolerance. In a world that is so different with all the different religions and views that people can have, it is a really good thing when you can teach children acceptance.

One of the best studies that have been done on gay parenting looked at the effect of having gay parents had on the children's sexuality. It has no effect. For people who do not accept gay couples, this is one of the biggest arms that they had with couples raising children. After the study, however, it does not really have any merit. The same study also provided that the emotional and mental health of children raised by gay couples is exactly the same as those raised in a heterosexual family. Another study found that daughters of lesbian couples actually have higher self esteem than their heterosexual counterpart.

It is a good sign for gay parenting, though, when you can have so many children grow up without all the problems that those who opposed thought they would have. There also does not seem to be much evidence of children from gay couples having trouble making friends while growing up. There is evidence of name calling and being picked on, but it does not appear to stop those people from befriending them. Although there are benefits of raising children as a gay couple, there still are more difficultities simply because of society's lack of ability to completely accept the couple as parents.

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