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Gay People Planet ist ein neues Social Network . Der Start wird voraussichtlich der 15 Dezember 2011 sein.

Gay Rights Event to Be Held Despite Authorities Advising Against It

Authorities' concerns about security in their recommendation against the event may stem from а disruption of last year's May meeting by a local fascist-inspired group, Stoltz Khabarovsk, and discussion of this year's event on anti-gay social network pages.
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As far as a response to 'tough break' about the gay marriage in Pennsylvania: Frog or Toad, or whatever your name is, you are too cowardly to give your own name, you put it in there that "I hate to break the news to you, ma'am, but not everyone in this …
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Through in-store, on-air and digital efforts, the month-long initiative will aim to foster greater tolerance and acceptance and benefit GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), the leading national education organization focused on ensuring …

Who the hell is Sir Wicknell?

The questions are many and varied and they need answers, yet 32-year-old, Sir Wicknell, as he fondly calls himself, was unavailable to answer some pf the burning questions that his social network followers and other curious Zimbabweans would want …
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