Gay Rights and Family Obstacles – 2

Family is a basic right in any culture, but for some reason this is true for all people as long as you are not gay. This is what happens in moderate countries. In radical homophobic countries you do not only lose your right to a family, you lose your right to live, or your right to freedom. The difference between moderate and radical homophobic countries lies in the specific human right they take away. All of them, that is 176 of the 192 UN countries, take at least one of the following basic human rights away:

I hope everybody would agree that the following are basic human rights:

  1. The right to live,
  2. The right to be free
  3. The right to earn a living
  4. The right to be part of a family

In radical homophobic countries the first right is taken away by the death penalty. In countries that are just a little less radical your right to freedom is taken away by being jailed. In a little bit more moderate countries your right to earn a living is taken away because you could be fired if you are gay. In countries that are more moderate your right to be part of a family is taken away because:

  1. You are not allowed to get married
  2. Organizations motivate your parents to ban you out of their homes.

Which countries take away these basic human rights?

  1. The death penalty: Iran, Iraq, Yemen and 7 other countries.
  2. Imprisonment: Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria and 78 other countries.
  3. Can lose your job or can’t get married: Some states in the USA and 84 other countries

Which countries do not take away these basic human rights?

  1. Where you can get married and have equal rights: Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, South-Africa and 12 other countries

If you think about this it is actually amazing that people can argue about these kind of rights in our day and age. Whether you like gay people or not; the rights we are talking about should not be denied to anybody that didn’t commit a crime against other people. Why are we still arguing about this? Isn’t it obvious that a country that calls itself free should protect these rights for everybody?

Off course we are arguing this because the rights that are denied isn’t everybody’s concern. It is human that we are only worried when our own rights are denied. The main argument against the right to a family or the right to marry is that it makes a spectacle of a sacred tradition. If that is the argument we should also ban those who are getting married after a second, third, or fourth marriage. After all, aren’t they making a spectacle of the sacred tradition as well?

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