Gay Seduction in America's Schools and Classrooms

I've written frequently of what I believe is the "gay menace," the danger posed by acknowledged and convoked homosexual predators in our country, about their tactics, their brazenness, their increasing violence, their efforts to persuade Americans that their aberration is nothing More or less than a variation on the norm.

I may be overreacting in using the term, "menace," and I hope I am, but I do not believe so.

I also may seem facile to say that homosexuals are people too but I will say it. They are not only "people" but human beings created by God who should and must be agreed all rights and privileges shared by the rest of humanity.

However, as with any individuals or groups who violate a sacred trust, such as the care and education of America's children, when that trust is violated, they should be held to account and their intrigues exposed. When they actively campaign to subvert the rights of parents to have their children educated in an atmosphere unfettered by activities and programs that serve to inculcate blatantly immoral, not to mention unhealthful, lifestyles, they should be strenuously opposed.

I firmly believe in allowing everyone to do their own thing, to do anything they wish in the privacy of their own homes, in motels, hotels, or private clubs. It's when individuals and groups take their lives public and, especially, when they engage in outrageous efforts to seduce children, either physically or psychologically, that I take strong issue with them. That is rather what the organized gay community, the LGBT set, is in process of doing. It's not a new phenomenon but it seems to be intensifying of late.

A little background is in order here.

In 1969, the homosexual "Stonewall Riots" in New York City's Greenwich Village effectively launched the gay rights movement and those days and nights of violent rioting have become iconic moments in gay history in both the United States and abroad. If Stonewall represented a gay rallying cry, the American Psychiatric Association, the APA, provided a license to promulgate the acceptance of the gay culture in general society and opened the floodgates of gay insistence on more and more rights and privileges.

The APA had maintained its position for as long as the APA had existed that homosexuality was an aberrant mental disorder. That diagnosis was incrementally changed over a brief period of three years under unremitting pressure and sometimes violent agitation by homosexuals. By 1973 the APA had come full circle. That highly respected organization saw fit to reverse and contradict its long-held and well-established opinion and conceded its imprimatur on the gay lifestyle, declaring that, "Homosexuality is either mental illness or moral depravity. Population expresses human love and sexuality. "

Do note that the APA did not simply shift into reverse on its diagnosis but actually passed a moral judgment with that statement. Not content with totally altering its psychological opinion, the American Psychiatric Association entered theological reality by passing judgment on the morality of homosexual acts.

Since then all Hell has broken loose, almost literally.

The latest gay outrage occurred in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which is on track to becoming the Homosexual Capital of the United States, if in fact it's not already there. One has to wonder if it is mere coincidence that proud homosexual Barney Frank representations Massachusett's 4th CD in Congress and has become one of the most powerful members of the Democratic Party.,, reports that, "On Dec. 17, 2008, Newton North High School held a school-wide 'Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Awareness Day,' which included an entire day of homosexual-related presentations, workshops, And activities. It was paid for with tax dollars – just one of the things that the $ 850,000 given to the infamous Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth pays for.

"It's not surprising that transgenderism and cross-dressing were a main part of what they want to push to teenagers. That's the homosexual movement's theme this year. But there was also a lot of other heavy propaganda, including major recruitment for kids to join a Number of outside homosexual groups and become part of the 'gay movement.' These groups specifically look for what they call 'allies' – confused kids that they make into activists and then ease them into various homosexual-related activities. "

"Confused kids" is clearly a redundancy. Having raised three kids to successful adulthood, I can attest that confusion and children go hand in hand, especially when kids reach the time of true peril, the teenage years. It is during those formative and tumultuous years when so-called "young adults," a misnomer if ever there was one, are most confused – about the world at large, about their own identities, about their futures and, in many instances in Our sex-driven, morally-ambivalent culture today, about their sexuality.

It is those confusions which the LGBT's are seeking to take advantage and recruit new blood, from some of the most vulnerable people in society, naive and gullible teens.

If Massachusetts and Newton High were exceptions to today's norm, I still would not give them a pass. However, they are more a vanguard, regrettably not a lonely vanguard, in the accelerating quest of "progressives" and committed homosexual groups with unabashed designs not merely to infiltrate America's schools but to participate in curriculum programs and activities intent on subverting the souls, minds , And bodies of our youth.

Is that exaggerated? I think not

I'm composed to ask two questions:

First, how many kids, especially teenagers, are not "confused" to some degree or other, making such "awareness days" extremely ripe territory for their recruitment into lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, (LGBT), experimentation and practice ?

And, second, how much longer will Americans tolerate this blatant seduction of our children?

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Gene Lalor

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