Gays Seduce a Straight Guy Fast – Get Anyone You Want!

Ever tried to seduce a straight guy only to fail?

There is a huge possibility the answer is yes.

To seduce a straight guy, get inside his mind first. If you concentrate on gay strategies, it will never work because straights are different species.

Prior to making a move, it is essential to determine if he is at least, open to the possibility of man to man action. Read his body language and the non-verbal signals he is sending. This way, you do not waste time and effort, trying to seduce a straight guy who is not even interested.

Ever notice how men in general respond to the damsel in distress character women play? It is most likely you have done this trick that surely failed because an important point to remember in trying to seduce a straight guy is to act like him and dress the part.

Don’t be obviously gay so that he would be more comfortable and willing to talk to you and would want to spend time with you. The more time you spend with him, the greater the opportunity to seduce him.

Lead him into thinking that being blown by another man does not make you guy. All you are doing is taking pleasure where you can get it. A mouth is a mouth and there is no harm done. Rid of all the labels and do not even call it gay sex.

Make him talk to you about his sexual explorations, seduce a straight guy by encouraging him to have more experiments and suggest that he is not getting enough because he is too timid and has limited himself too much. Open his mind into all the pleasurable sexual possibilities he is missing just because a woman is not up to doing it.

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