Gender Equality

Other than in the work place how could there possibly be equality between males and females?

Men are as different from women as guns are to roses. South American Indians believe that the soul of a woman comes from the moon, and the soul of a man comes from the soil. The more research I did for this article, the more I realized that truer words were never spoken. My best friend, who happens to be male, believes that women are superior animals in every way. He says women are more intelligent, wiser, kinder, and capable of solving problems without the use of violence.

Most males are driven to dominate, and settle disagreements with force. Case in point: Everyone will agree that men have governed the world for thousands of years. Let us take a look at the male dominated society in the United States over the past 25 years. In this country alone there have been 4 wars, approximately 416, 450 murders, and 2,927,750 rapes. Since 1997 there have been 7 school shootings where 34 students were killed and 72 wounded, and in every case the shooter was a male. Women commit less then 2% of all murderers, and other than five female schoolteachers, who had sex with younger males, men committed the two million plus rapes.

Parents and society play a role in a child's life, but a great deal comes from gender differences. Of course not all children are alike, but in general most males tend to be the aggressor. From the time a male is two years old he begins to physically compete with other children. By age fourteen a male battles on the athletic field, and strides for female attention. At age sixteen a male thinks about sex twenty-seven times a day, and becomes aggressive when challenged. By age thirty, sex continues to dominate the male mind, but he also begins to compete with his brothers for work positions, and monetary gains. By age forty, those who are going to settle down are usually married, and those who remain unmarried typically end up with some type of psychological problem. Between the ages of sixty to death sex is still an issue with most males, but as they mature they tend to find content with their buddies on the golf course or in other physical endeavors.

In contrast, a two-year old female begins her quest to make friends, and to nurture her baby dolls. By the age of fourteen, a female competes with other females for physical perfection, and boyfriends. At age eighteen, most females maintain their desire for love, and they gallantly search for someone to fulfill their dream of a home and children. By the age of thirty most females mature after the birth of their first child, and continue this process until death. By age thirty-five half of the female population are divorced and struggling to raise their children, still with the hope of finding Mr. Right.

In most cases females react differently in confrontational situations. If jealous, hurt, or disappointed, they usually turn their pain inward. However, some become verbally abusive, gossips, and social troublemakers, but they are quite violent. By age forty over half the divorced women are still single, and have settled for a career. Between the ages of sixty to death, most females are content caring for their grandchildren and pets.

Of course these facts are based upon general ratios between the two genders. To clarify the question regarding equality, the answer lies in the condition of the world today. Beside, it is actually impossible to compare poodles to pit bulls?

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Patricia Dexheimer

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