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Germany is a popular country which can be found in Central Europe. This country is very popular for the gay community and discrimination here is very unlikely. You can find a good number of bars and clubs in almost every major city in this country. You are easily going to be able to find a great bar and club to have a fun night out with your friends.

Berlin Berlin is an openly gay city and even has a gay mayor. You can definitely find a great range of places here to have a great night out with your friends. Hafen is a cool bar which is open for gays and lesbians and is very popular with the local gay community. You can expect a good night here and can enjoy the English quiz which is held on a Monday evening in this Germany gay bar and club. Berlin has a great range of lesbian venues available so should be your first port of call if you’re visiting this country.

Hamburg Hamburg is another city in Germany which has a very active and popular gay scene. You can expect to enjoy a fabulous night out in the many bars and clubs which are available in this city. Café Gnosa is a very popular gay bar and club which offers a crowded atmosphere with a great environment. You can sip your coffee here and enjoy the range of people such as businessmen, students and even leather guys. You are almost guaranteed a great night out in this cute gay café in Hamburg. The night clubs are very popular in Hamburg and you can expect to find several which suit your tastes and needs. In fact you will be pleasantly surprised with the openness and warmth on offer.

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