Going the Way of Colored Wedding Dresses

In the olden days before Queen Victoria made it the fashion to wear white on your wedding day, brides worn whatever color of wedding dresses they chose. Well, why do not you bring back the olden days and become the unconventional bride today? Yes, with colored bridal dresses, you will definitely stand out from those white-sheathed brides.

Go All Out or Just a Hint of Color

Well, of course, you can choose to either go all out or just go for a hint of color in your wedding dress. Nobody will begrudge you that choice especially as it is your day to shine, conventions be damned.

If you choose to go for just a hint of color, you can pop the color just about anywhere you wish to accentuate the beauty of your dress or the best asset you have. For example, you can have a pink sash or violet hem embroidery or small blue flowers on the waist or a green shawl. The possibilities are just simply endless where colored wedding dresses are concerned!

If you choose to go all out, then the colors of the rainbow are in your hands. You can make the color of your wedding become the central color of the wedding or the rest of the wedding theme will complement it. Indeed, you can set the trend among your friends instead of just following them as they come.

Choosing the Colors

Just like choosing your own everyday and corporate dresses, your choice of a colored wedding dress must complement your skin tone. Otherwise, you might as well go for the traditional white look.

For example, if you are dark-skinned, brown is definitely not the color for you. Or if you are fair-skinned, very light pinks will tend to wash out on you.

So, when choosing from all colored wedding dresses, always put the cloth next to your skin. The right one should bring out an inner glow to your skin, which will enhance your aura of happiness on your wedding day.

You may also choose the color based on the season of the year the wedding is taking place. Spring is for pale pastel lilacs, pinks, purples and blues. Summer is for deeper shades in the same colors of spring. Autumn is for gold, yellows and even oranges. Winter is probably the most fun for wedding dresses because deep reds and blues, even black edgings, are fashionably trendy.

If you do not want all-out bright colors or color accents on wedding dresses, then you can always go halfway. You have the choice of very pale dresses in the lightest of pinks, blues, yellows and even lilacs.

And if you find that someone is not happy with your choice of a colored wedding dress, you should politely explain that it is your wedding day, that you will be wearing the gown and that you are taking full responsibility for the consequences.

Plus, it never hurts to provide a history lesson on wedding dresses, with emphasis on the fact that it was Queen Victoria who bucked the trend then. And now, you will be bucking the trend instead of just following it!

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