Great, Positive Exposure For Celebrity Activists Interested in Literacy, 8-hour Time Commitment

A combination of a unique concept and the promotional efforts of international service organizations like Rotary, Kiwanis, and Soroptimists has the potential to produce long-term positive exposure for celebrities who are interested in promoting literacy, multiculturalism or both. This may be an attractive arrangement for celebrities like Anne Archer, Issac Hayes, John Travolta, Marie Turgeon, and Tom Cruise, who have been involved with various literacy movements such as Applied Scholastics International, The World Literacy Campaign and The Literacy Foundation.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The celebrity receives a picture book that has between 100 to 1,000 words by mail, Fedex or e-mail.
  2. The celebrity makes an audio recording of the children’s story, in American English and or British English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese or Italian. – Most celebrities are experienced enough to become familiar with the book in one-to-three hours and record the words in one-to-two hours per language.
  3. A personal computer or Mac is used to upload the files to a File Transport Protocol (FTP) site. (FTP sites are simply a way of transferring large files securely; they by-pass email.) Many celebrities have all of the recording equipment they need in their homes. If not, it’s a short trip to a sound studio.
  4. The publisher integrates the celebrity’s sound recording with the book. Different versions may be produced, for example a video that’s placed on You Tube, a hard-copy book accompanied by an audio-book CD that reads the story page-by-page, an e-book in one or more popular multi-media formats, .mp3 or iPod files that can be downloaded to a computer, iPod, iPhone, or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).
  5. The publisher makes an agreement with a major service organization like Rotary, Kiwanis or Soroptimists. The service organization promotes the product through it’s millions of members, throughout the world.
  6. If desired, more than one book can be recorded.
  7. If desired, the celebrity’s reading can be combined with readings of several celebrities, in various languages.

The use of books and high-tech media combine to make it easy for children, and illiterate adults, to improve their literacy. The reading of the book in various languages encourages an understanding of the beauty of various languages and cultures. Children do not have to be taught these things, they discover them.

Because the program has reaches millions of people over many years, the celebrity enjoys lasting publicity with a time commitment of around eight (8) hours. The celebrity can also promote the product on the talk-show circuit. It’s a great alternative to being a spokesperson, which requires a long-term time commitment.

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