Great Websites to Pass the Time in the Office

If you've ever had an office job you did not particularly like, you most likely would not mind some fun and entertaining websites (other than MySpace or Facebook) to keep you amused and to take your mind off of actual work. Here's a list of great free websites that you can spend hours on and make your workday go by a little faster!

1. is a website dedicated to instant messaging. You can access Meebo anywhere and use AIM, Yahoo !, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber all at the same time. With no downloads or installs necessary, this makes Meebo nice and convenient to use.

2.'s mission to play music you'll love and nothing else. You simply enter a artist or song name and Pandora plays similar songs. You can create multiple artist / song channels for even more variety. is a site that allows you to search music and video all over the web. finds the songs you're looking for and allows you to instantly stream the songs. You can create custom play lists for your convenience.


If you like surfing the Internet, is the site for you. helps you discover and share great websites. You first start by downloading a toolbar add-on and then you can find high-quality pages that have been recommended by your friends or one of the other users that have similar interests to you.


Forums have been around for good reason; They are great online communities discussing everything from television shows to cooking. is a website dedicated to one big forum, discussing "off topic" topics. With over 180,000 members, you can be sure is one of the most active and vibrant online forums around.

Hopefully now you will not have to watch the clock all the time. Enjoy!

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