Have Black People Really Made Progress?

Progress? Let’s see: We have a African American President, Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest women in the world. We have countless other Black Millionaires. We don’t have to sit on the back of the bus. We have the right to vote. You can see Black people on television all day singing dancing rapping and playing sports. We even have whole television networks dedicated to Black people. One is African American owned TV One and one is owned by a multi national corporation BET/CENTRIC. So at the surface Black people seem to be doing very well.

Here is the reality! The unemployment rate of African American men is almost twice the national average. 25.8% of African Americans live in poverty compared to only 9.4% of Whites living in poverty. Blacks are 46% of the US prison population even though we are only 15 percent of the US population. I could go on forever detailing statistic that point out the tragedy and despair in our community.

How did this happen? How could this be? Didn’t we march and fight for Civil rights? Didn’t Dr. King and countless others give their lives to improve ours? We fought to be equal with our slavemasters children and got the right to live where they live. Eat at the same restaurants. Sleep in the same hotels. Isn’t this what we needed to live better; to be able to live with them and be brothers with them? Then why are we in the condition we are in now? Why is there such and economic divide in America?

Some of you may disagree but INTEGRATION is the main cause of our economic plight. Instead of fighting to be part of the white man’s community we should have use that energy to build up our own. Instead of us begging the white man for a job we should have been pooling our resources and creating our own. Since the civil rights movement. Our condition has declined not improved. We have regressed not progressed. The Civil rights movement had it wrong. You can’t put politics before economics. The economics of the Nation controls the politics of the Nation. George Fraser said it best “He Who Writes The Check Controls The Deal” Who financed the Civil rights movement? White people! That’s why they control what goes on in our community and not us.

Every other ethnic group in America finance their own agenda to improve the lives of their people but us. They build up the communities in which they live. They support the schools and colleges their children attend. They can do this because they own and support the businesses that service their community. This is done in every community but the African American Community.In our community everybody else owns the businesses but us. The few businesses that we do own struggle because we don’t support them as we should.

The Black Movement of the New Millennium must be an Economic Renaissance. Where Black people take charge of our destiny and start to create businesses to service our people. Support the black business where ever they may be and support the schools and colleges that our children attend. Then we will truly start making progress!

We all must do our part! Start your own business today!

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Hassan Sharrieff

Author: admin

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