Healthy Full Lips – The Finishing Touch to Perfect Skincare

We live in a busy complex world with our standards for health and beauty set high by the media, Hollywood, and fashion magazines alike. The truth is most of us just want to look and feel our best. Good skin and lip care is where to start for that healthy glowing look we strive for. We do not want to look our age, we want fewer wrinkles, and we want full or thick and soft looking lips, the kind the models have and the kind we had when we were young. Where do we start?

Lip Care

First, we start with a good facial cleanser, one that is not drying to the lips and around the mouth. Second, you must keep your lips in mind when picking skincare products. There are many products which are specifically designed just for the lips. Those products are intended to moisturize and restore lip cells to a healthy state.

Types of products to consider

Lip care treatments that exfoliate and contain natural ingredients for moisturizing are ideal. The exfoliating removals dead skin and restores lips to a supple feel. The moisturizers can contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant's to rejuvenate the skin and tissue of your lips. Some products also contain essential oils or extracts from sunflower, green tea, avocado, and aloe vera to soften lips and make them supple.

Products that exfoliate help to remove lipstick build-up and do not have to be harsh. Balms or moisturizers used after you exfoliate replenish moisture and natural oils restoring lips to a new soft and full look and feel.

Sunscreen is another important piece of keeping lips soft, full, and supple. Sunscreen should be a part of lip balms, moisturizers, or lipsticks used for daily wear. Sunscreen protects from damage from ultraviolet rays and burns aid in keeping lips looking and feeling healthy.

Products come in the form of scrubs, lotions, and creams. The price range for good lip care can be very inexpensive all the way up to extremely costly for some brands. The price of lip care, like anything else, does not always mean quality. Look for products that make your lips look and feel full and fluffy, soft and supple, and wrinkle free.

Cosmetics for the lips

These products can make or break the look you are trying to achieve with your lips. Choose lipsticks and liners that enhance your skin color and make up. Lighter shades for daytime use are more becoming. Leave darker shades for night time for a more dramatic look. Fashion experts offer advice in magazines, television, and just about everywhere make up is sold on color choices and various trendy looks. Lip liners help to extend the width of your natural lip line and when used correctly, enhance the shape and look of your lips. Remember to look for sunscreen worked into the product.

Quick lip care steps:

1. Cleanse and exfoliate
2. Moisturize and restore
3. Add color, liner, and sunscreen

Healthy skin and lips are part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, diet, rest, and choosing the right lip care products will give you full fluffy lips for that ageless beauty we all seek.

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