Hear two sides of the gay marriage debate in Michigan

Pastor Mark Brandt from St. Lorenz Lutheran Church and Terri Dinsmore from Genesee County PFLAG speak with NBC25’s Ilse Lujan-Hayes about the possibility of …
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Perspective: Rubio seeks the sweet spot

Hear Two Sides Of The Gay Marriage Debate In Michigan

At worst, the Rubio approach seems calculating and contradictory, and headlines are adding up: "Rubio waffles on gay marriage," "Who is Marco Rubio? … "Rubio is no dummy and he looked at what Mitt Romney did, which is go so far right in rhetoric and …
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Petitions go on the Internet for November referendum

Hear Two Sides Of The Gay Marriage Debate In Michigan

There was testimony today about, you know, You can find out if your neighbor is against the ordinance, said Jonathan Saenz of Austin-based Texas Values, which opposes the ordinance. So I hope we don t see homosexual advocates start targeting people …
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How the battle for religious freedom became a nonsensical free-for-all

Journalists are generally expected to adhere to some sort of code. For traditional news reporters, this may mean avoiding the appearance of being biased. For those at ideologically minded publications, it may mean staying on a certain side of the idea …
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