Hedy Lamarr Was An Original Hollywood Sex Symbol And Brilliant Mind

Hedy Lamarr was a beautiful, intelligent actress for many decades during the “golden age” of Hollywood. Her beauty and sex appeal radiated so that it only took a sideways glance to recognize. Much of what made up Hedy Lamarr’s character however was beneath the surface and only known to a certain, limited number of those lucky enough to be close to her.

Lamarr helped to invent a system of controlling warheads, and other things for that matter, by remote control. The technology she helped invent was called “frequency hopping”. Many years later this technology went into use for applications like cell phones, wireless Internet connections and other more modern applications. Lamarr had no background in such things but came to her co-inventor with the idea after listening intently at the business meetings of her ex-husband who was a nazi sympathizer and munitions dealer. After escaping the clutches of her oppressive husband she never forgot the aspirations of the Germans to have such a technology. She also never forgot that the men in those meetings felt as if there was no way to control torpedoes by radio without outside interference from someone cracking the frequency. And there wasn’t until Lamarr helped discover a way to do it. Who could have imagined that such a stunning Hollywood actress was determined enough to do such a thing?

During WWII she would do appearances and shows promoting war bonds selling several millions of dollars worth of them to help the U.S. government produce tanks, planes and ammunition. Several other actresses and actors were on tour during this time frame to help the cause as their presence on stage caused people to open up and contribute.

In an age when celebrities still wore underwear in public and the media was kind enough not to publish photos of them if they didn’t, Hedy Lamarr didn’t need this sort of exposure to show her natural beauty. She did, however have a starring role in the film “Ecstasy” in 1933 that vaulted her career with the first depiction of an orgasm on screen, along with her being fully nude. Lamarr never quite returned to this level of exposure in her films again, she didn’t have to. This film caused quite a controversy and was banned by the United States among other countries. She went on to star opposite such big-name male leads as Clark Gable, Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart. The type of God given beauty she had is very rare and for that to be combined with the seldom-found determination she possessed made her one in a million.

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