Herbal Treatment For ADHD – A Real View

Parents are searching for treatment options for ADHD children. While prescription drugs are readily available more people are looking for ideas about natural treatment of ADHD. Many parents and holistic practitioners are reporting a great deal of success and improvement when using an herbal treatment for ADHD.

There are a number of reasons that using a natural treatment of ADHD is becoming a more popular choice.

o Today parents are becoming proactive in the health care of their children.

o There is also more knowledge and information about alternative treatments being exchanged.

o Parents are learning more about the risks associated with the prescription stimulant drugs. Now they are attempting to avoid many of these prescribed medications by investigating herbal treatment for ADHD alternatives.

The use of stimulants in drugs like Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta has risen more than 500% since the 1990s. Studies are just now coming to the attention of the public that show just how strong an impact these drugs have when used on young children. Children’s bodies and brains are undergoing important growth and development and using stimulants can create health problems that may not be evident for years. The choice of a natural treatment of ADHD is the safest and healthiest option.

Another issue that has been raised is that most of the medical community seems far too eager to prescribe drugs to treat the symptoms of ADHD. Parents who raise the question of using alternatives for ADHD have often been snubbed or dismissed. They have even felt pressured into accepting the physician’s recommendation to give their child medications. Now natural treatment of ADHD is being publicized and parents are beginning to get encouragement and support in their efforts to find safer options.

When integrated into a holistic treatment plan an herbs can be highly successful. No medication or herb is a “magic formula”. Parents must help their ADHD children develop better study habits and behavior.

Many children show less stress when a natural treatment is used, and this makes it easier for them to work on modifying their behaviors and actions. Additionally one of the most important differences between an herbal treatment for ADHD and stimulants is that the herbal ingredients are 100% safe with no side effects.

Brahmi is an herbal treatment for ADHD that has shown some very promising results. This ingredient can improve cognitive function in the brain. Children and adults who have used Brahmi show increased problem solving and learning abilities. This herb also is a powerful anti-oxidant that can fight the damaging effects of free radicals on brain cells.

Another natural treatment of ADHD symptoms that is successful is Gotu Kola. This one herb is helpful because it:

o Improves memory

o Increases the processing ability of the brain

o Reduces Anxiety

o Improves blood circulation to the brain and body

A more familiar herb used as a natural treatment of ADHD symptoms is Ginkgo. It works to improve the flow of blood to the brain and it also increases a person’s ability to focus. The effects of using this herb are often long lasting even if it is used for a brief period.

Ginseng is another safe and natural herbal treatment for ADHD symptoms in children. This herb acts as a brain stimulant and it improves a user’s concentration, focus and endurance. There are several types of Ginseng and the one known as Panax can help reduce fatigue and stress while boosting the body’s natural immunity.

There are many herbs and herbal formulas which are now being offered to parents with ADHD children. An herbal treatment is a safe and healthy alternative to prescription medications. If you plan to try a natural treatment you should remember to incorporate it into your overall treatment plan. Herbs can have a positive impact on your child’s performance and behavior at home and school but you need to use it for at least a few weeks. Any herbal treatment for ADHD symptoms will require a little time before you see significant changes and improvement.

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