Hint For Avoiding The Same Mistake Again By The Right Choices In Life

All day long the ego in us and in others who think they are well-meaning tries to teach us how we should take action or what to do and what to pursue, even what to say, and who or what not to say it to. The ego that is in each of us doesn’t understand anything that is real, because it views the world with wrong-minded perceptions that it invented, or we can say “dreamed up.”

Leave it to the ego-based mind to help you make choices in life and the same mistake again, and always have you questioning something, especially when the truth is plain to see. Who would know what your true reality is? The ego thinks it knows how to help you make choices in life, but still is uncertain itself.

Therefore, what kind of teacher can it be? Why do we always follow its lessons?

The answer to both these questions is simple.

Does any of this sound even a little bit familiar?

Why would anyone choose a teacher like this to avoid making the same mistake again? Doesn’t the total disregard of anything it teaches make you… ?

Miracles asks us to contemplate how can something you made up teach you anything? It’s ridiculous? Could this possibly be the reason that history repeats itself?

Now that you are realizing the dilemma in making right choices to avoid the same mistake again, “There is a different way of looking at the world,” you can easily make your decision.

The ego loves history because it is sold on the past, and it is selling it to you.

It is your choice to begin making right choices based on either love or falsehood, truth or fear, reality or unreality. There is no middle ground.

Even if you could disregard the Holy Spirit’s lessons of truth completely, which is impossible, you would still learn nothing from the ego because the ego is nothing. It only interferes with your healing spirit and keeps you from maximum potential

Any of the ego’s lessons for making choices in life we must learn are always of fear. Why do we continue to pass these lessons along?

This adds to the light that draws the ego’s lessons to it, where the ego-based mind’s projections of reality simply fade away in plain sight– the plain sight that is your real vision.

I’m sure you’ll agree that everything we face in life is a learning experience, including making choices in life that can seem to test our frustration. We’re taught against our true nature, and this imprisons us.

An example might be the prayers dished out as a punishment when we feel a child needs to learn a lesson, where we believe penance is appropriate. Why would we teach a child to associate prayer with punishment?

We are taught, and we teach, to sacrifice.

Is this the teacher for making choices in life, I mean for making right choices, that our all-loving Creator would appoint to help us find ourselves? Clearly the answer is no; and this is why we are so filled with so much guilt. Do you still insist on following the demands of the ego?

“The learning of what?” you are likely asking.

Your own true free will does not ask that you make sacrifice because your FREE will is of your nature; therefore you can not go against it. If you truly can sense, or have the knowledge of, your true free will, then the ego’s lessons will not sink in.

Miracles help us see that if its demands are not enough, the ego has done more harm to our learning, and our healing, than any of the unhappiness it additionally has given us.

Wouldn’t you agree that learning should be joyful if it leads you along your natural path and facilitates the development of what you have within you?

To avoiding the same mistake again

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James Nussbaumer

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