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A VERBAL trick is getting performed by activists and journalists striving to idiot Australians into backing identical-sexual intercourse marriage.

See if you can decide on the word recreation which is blinding folks to what is truly at stake.

Right here is Leigh Sales, host of the ABC’s 7.30, very last thirty day period: “The Dwelling of Commons voted overwhelmingly for marriage equality.”

Right here is Finance Minister Penny Wong: “It is an undeniably unappealing vein that runs deep in some of the arguments from marriage equality.” Spotted the trick but? The a person which is just been identified as out by a shockingly unimpressed Federal Court docket choose?

Much more clues.

Notice the identify of the organisation top the combat for identical-sexual intercourse marriage: Australian Relationship Equality.

Notice Greens MP Adam Bandt in Parliament: “It is with wonderful pleasure that I current the Relationship Equality Modification Bill.”

Indeed, that word trick is to fake that what identical-sexual intercourse marriage activists want is equality.

To give homosexual folks the identical marriage rights as straight folks.

They will not even know that at the Victorian Equal Chance and Human Legal rights Fee, a person of its board members, Professor Kuruvilla George, was pressured to resign very last year soon after signing a petition from identical-sexual intercourse marriage.

His views ended up witnessed as putting him in conflict with the commission’s charter to perform for “equivalent opportunity”.

But identical-sexual intercourse activists will not want marriage equality — for the reason that they now have it.

A homosexual guy is as cost-free as a straight guy to marry a girl.

A lesbian is as cost-free as any other girl to marry a guy.

Which is equality.

What identical-sexual intercourse marriage activists want is very distinct — a new flexibility to marry an individual of the identical sexual intercourse.

What they want just isn’t marriage at all, given that marriage is the union of a guy with a girl, excluding all many others.

And if we are to modify what marriage indicates, we have a responsibility to think about not just the great such a enormous modify to such a crucial social bond could carry, but the evil, way too.

My argument has usually been howled down as the sophistry of a wicked conservative. But it looks anything comparable is also the lawful belief of Jane Jagot, a younger choose of the Federal Court docket.

In a virtually unreported selection very last thirty day period, Justice Jagot turned down a assert by popular homosexual activist Simon Margan that point out legal guidelines banning the registration of identical-sexual intercourse marriages ended up a breach of the Sex Discrimination Act.

Margan was incorrect, identified the choose: “There simply cannot be discrimination by purpose of the sexual intercourse of a particular person for the reason that in all circumstances, the procedure of the particular person of the reverse sexual intercourse is the identical.

“Hence, a guy simply cannot enter into the point out of marriage as outlined with yet another guy just as a girl simply cannot enter into the point out of marriage with yet another girl as outlined.”

What Margan wanted was not equality, but a new kind of marriage, mentioned Justice Jagot.

“By statutory definition, individuals of the reverse sexual intercourse might marry and individuals of the identical sexual intercourse might not.

“The redress for these situations lies in the political and not the lawful arena for the reason that what would be necessary is a modify to the definition of `marriage’ in the Relationship Act.”

Justice Jagot did not say she opposed such a modify.

She has simply just exposed the word online games getting performed.

Neil Foster, an affiliate professor in regulation at Newcastle University, agrees.

The “equality” argument is “fundamentally misconceived”, he says.

“The phone to make it possible for identical-sexual intercourse marriage is legitimately witnessed as not a assert from discrimination, but a assert to modify the nature of marriage.”

You might want that modify or not.

Good. Let’s debate.

But ditch that deceptive speak of “equality” and be genuine about what we’re determining. (Andrew Bolt)

David Curwen-Walker
The Potters Dwelling Christian Fellowship

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