Homosexuals Have Higher Intelligence

I find that when people dump all the preconceived notions of society, they tend to be better observers. Therefore in my professional opinion and observational studies of human nature through people watching: A Gay American in that regard does have an advantage over others in observing things, he / she / it feels, sees or studies. As long as the individual or test subject in this case keeps an open mind, much is possible.

Many believe that people who are homosexual and travel against the norm of society, are better observers provided they do not cloud their views by assuming. Of course one would not have to be gay to do that, but as a whole you will find a higher intelligence level in homosexuals; less clouded issues of perception. Gay men tend to be good judges of character of women and other men. I think this is because they spend much time talking with them and many women open up their feelings to them, because, well they are easy to talk to. A gay man can provide empathy that another straight man in society would not wish to show or has psychologically blocked from his realm of thought. Most of this is due to social engineering and nurture to hide one's feelings.

In that regard outsiders studying Western Culture, behavior, societies and the human brain are able to study without prejudice of what they will find. For instance when Gandhi said about Western Culture "I think it would be a good idea," he did so through is observation of the concept, incidentally; so do I and maybe someday we might want to re-evaluate what we have built and fix it. When Ayn Rand discussed Capitalism and socialist views, which stifle the innovation and when Charles Dickens predicted much of what we see today; they did so as observers. A gay man presently in this period is outside the norm of society, especially in some places like Billings or Butte Montana since there are Oil Field Boys and Mining Men. They are rough, tough guys there, by way of genetic breeding and nurture, partly also due to the hostile weather conditions in higher latitudes. I hope this makes sense to you. It is but another theory and observation. Never turn my brain off and always seek to study everything I see, hear, feel, touch, smell, receive and observe. Do you? Maybe you might think about it?

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Lance Winslow

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