Homosexuals uncover flexibility of expression in SA

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Johannesburg – September 30, 2006
1. Close up of homosexual man parading at march
2. Large shot of of gays at Homosexual Pleasure March in Johannesburg
3. Large shot gays on truck
4. Large shot anti-protesters at homosexual march
Soweto – September 27, 2006
five. Large shot Soweto township
six. Close up kids playing soccer in the streets of Soweto
seven. Mid of painted cooling towers of Soweto
8. Numerous pictures of homosexual adult men Bongani Gama and Buyi Ndlebe going for walks down avenue in Soweto
9. Numerous pictures of Bongai and Buyi playing pool in shebeen in Soweto
10. Mid shot of Bongani and Buyi sitting down in shebeen ( pub)
11. SOUNDBITE : (English) Bongani Gama, Homosexual Soweto resident
“I’m feeling excellent for the reason that many factors have altered ,like folks are commencing to take us and parents are commencing to comprehend what is actually heading on following all�
12. Mid shot of little ones playing in avenue in Soweto
thirteen. SOUNDBITE: (English) Bongani Gama, Homosexual Soweto resident
“Some folks chortle at us and some many others are so homophobic.”
fourteen. SOUNDBITE: (English) Bongani and Buyi -“but they are obtaining employed to us now ”
Soweto – September 28, 2006
15. Numerous pictures of Sipho Molefe cooking at his dwelling in Soweto
16. Large shot of Sipho going for walks on outskirts of Soweto
17. SOUNDBITE : (English) Sipho Molefe, Homosexual Soweto resident
” How I come to feel to be homosexual and residing in Soweto ? �I could say it is really good and terrible, it is really substantially nicer now that we have bought our legal rights you can go wherever. Prior to you had been not heading to go in the streets, when I was turning 21 I try to remember there had been fellas who had been indicating that they had been heading to beat me up with all my friends, in particular as I arrive from a Zulu loved ones “.
eighteen. Mid shot Sipho sitting down in lounge with his sister
19. SOUNDBITE : (English) Anna Molefe ( Sipho’s sister )
” To me he grew up remaining like a chick (female), for the reason that he was donning my attire and placing on my make up,lipsticks
Every little thing ,so it is really not a issue to me, I never have a issue at all “.
20. Large shot of Pastor Paul Mokgethi
21. SOUNDBITE : (English) Pastor Paul Mokgethi
” I would say that they are coping well even even though there are even now some complications that they are dealing with in the townships. For the reason that a ton of gays and lesbian folks when they arrive out they are even now dealing with discrimination ,and they are dealing with homophobia and intolerance in particular in the communities”.
Soweto – September 23, 2006
22. Large shot lesbian march in Soweto
23. Close up of march, camera pulls to large of lesbian march in Soweto
Soweto – September 27, 2006
24. SOUNDBITE : (English) Brain Mbatha, Soweto resident
” I respect homosexual folks .but often I come to feel offended for the reason that I’m a male so they are pretending to be women “.
25. SOUNDBITE : (English) Celiine Nkutha, Soweto resident
” It can be what they are ,they have preferred to be truly like that ,so we need to stay with it ,so I never see anything improper with it”.
26. Large of sunset in excess of Soweto
Lead IN :
The townships of South Africa are a challenging location to be homosexual, in accordance to many folks in the homosexual neighborhood.
South Africa recognised the legal rights of homosexual folks in the structure adopted following apartheid finished in 1994.
It was the first nation in the planet to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
But for many black South African gays and lesbians, it is really only now they can openly convey their sexuality in the townships.
Twelve yrs following the close of apartheid, homosexuals are even now struggling to be recognized in the additional conservative communities in South Africa.
A tiny but colourful demonstration marked Johannesburg’s once-a-year homosexual delight march just lately.
Inspite of a tiny counter demonstration by Christian activists, most folks seemed to take and appreciate the spectacle.

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