Hot Bikini Models Wear Thongs – Or Do They?

Regardless if the beach, club, or pool that you go to allows women to wear thong bikinis, some hot bikini models swear that strutting around wearing a thong makes men drool. Do you believe that?

What's so glamorous about seeing a woman's butt cheeks with a tiny sliver of fabric that follows the line up to her waist with cutely tied tiny bows? Many women are of the opinion that thong bikinis should not be worn in public, but rather as a seductive enhancer to an evening of romance. Then why do young women search for modeling gigs where they can wear thong bikinis?

During the early 1990s, the thong bikini made its appearance in print media, and most of the time, the thong was not pictured on a common-looking woman. Yes, maybe the print versions were air-brushed, or a model's flaws were covered up with photo-enhancing software, but nevertheless, thongs were introduced to the American public.

The Brazilians referred to the thong as a Tanga, and they touted the fact that when a thong was worn underneath clothing, that no panty lines were visible. Likewise, it was deemed to have heightened sex appeal from a man's point of view, because it appeared that a woman who wore a thong was not wearing underwear.

Although you will not find much fabric in a thong bikini, or thong underwear, the fashion experts heightened its appeal, and thongs began yielding big dollars for the manufacturers and retailers. Quick on the scene were the women's fashion designers. They created jeans that were labeled "low rise," while the thong distributors were quick to point out that low rise jeans gave more appeal to the teenage girls who wore thongs, since the top part and v-style of the thongs allowed women to show off their lingerie in a somewhat sensuous yet revealing manner.

In the year 2000, just two years after the launch of the thong, Americans bought more than 123 million thongs; thus doubling the sales of 1998. Even more depressing for many people of the older generations, was the fact that young parents spent their hard-earned dollars buying thongs for their daughters who were between the ages of 10 to 16.

Nevertheless, fashion trends may come and go, but one thing is for sure-although thongs and thong bikinis are not quite as popular as they were in previous years, the thong bikini is here to stay. The only other fashion trends that have crept up close behind the thong bikini are the Brazilian bikini, and a bikini that the Australians invented that is called the backless thong. With this type of thong, the straps in the back slip gently under the butt cheek crease, while the strings on the sides hook together around the hips like bra straps.

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