How to Approach Women – Do This and You’ll Always Win

Many men struggle with how to approach women. They make a big deal out of how to initiate a conversation. This is why we have the lame pickup lines that we hear all the time. What follows is the absolute, sure-fire best way to approach women.

In order to successfully approach women you need to come in indirectly. It is best to make it seem like you came to talk to her by chance. Make her feel like she was just another person in the crowd and it was by pure luck that you chose to talk to her.

The worst way to approach is to use a stupid pickup line. When a girl hears a pickup line she automatically thinks “Hey, he’s hitting on me.” Initiate the conversation with something related to the environment you are in or something completely random. Sound complicated? It’s not.

Let’s pretend that a girl is standing with her group of friends looking at the dance floor. There’s a drunk guy practically humping another girl. Approach your target and ask her if her friends (nodding at the couple dancing) know the tango. Or, another tactic used by many successful men, is to ask a group of girls a question like “Hey, can I get your opinion on something?” Then they ask the girl a weird or interesting question that gets them thinking and talking. This way, the approach is very indirect.

Being indirect with your approach throws a girl’s shield down. Most guy’s approach is too direct and forward, so girls have learned to put up a defense to ward off creepers. If you initiate a conversation indirectly her shield is of no use and you are free to seduce her.

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Clay Yonson

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