How to Avoid Domestic Violence That Occurs in a Gay Relationship

Much of the domestic violence that occurs from a gay relationship when your gay son is the victim is related to hate and intolerance that cause similar violence. To avoid domestic violence you should let your gay son get the freedom and acceptance he needs like anyone else.

You would be surprised to know that the findings from surveys have disclosed that domestic violence in gay relationship rates are the same as those committed against women in heterosexual relations. It is nothing more than just the same old reasons for domestic violence against women in heterosexual relations. Accepting that domestic violence faced by your gay son in his relationship is nothing more than the usual reasons common in heterosexual relationships, will help to avoid them.

Domestic violence faced by your gay child is subject to the same laws. No one describes to be abused. Abuse and domestic violence can be physical, psychological and emotional lead to threats and humiliation. It is for the every same reason of control and possessiveness that domestic violence in gay relationships occurs in the first place. Violence can also take the shape of verbal abuse in a bid to threaten, coerce or humidiate.

Federal laws relating to domestic violence in gay relations are strict and they are regarded as hate crimes. If your gay son is a victim of domestic violence in his relationship, then he can take recourse to the laws and the court. Like in heterosexual relationships, the purpose of the crime is usually to maintain control in relations. It is also about exerting power over the partner which can also victimize your gay son in a relationship.

In most cases the abused needs understanding and that can happen from the parent's side. Your gay son could be living in fear and closeed in a world of abuse because he might feel that coming out is not possible. To avoid the slide down to depression that takes place in most cases, you as a parent should allow your gay child to 'come out'.

Isolation and fear normally results from domestic violence in gay relationships as they do in many heterosexual relationships. Your gay son may not know exactly what to do as he may feel the fallout from a gay relationship would be different. Instead of the sympathy factor in domestic violence in a heterosexual relationship, your gay son may fear that support would not come his way.

When support for domestic violence in such relationships does not come easily, it is your responsibility as a parent to see your son get over the trauma. Unconditional love and support can take away much of the fear, and by allowing your gay son to come out in the open, can avoid domestic violence.

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Emily Jager

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