How to Avoid Losing Yourself In a Relationship

Do you feel that you become too involved in your relationships and lose track of who you are? Are you wondering how to be an assertive woman and maintain your identity when you're seeing someone? Do you believe that you let the man you're dating make all the decisions and walk all over you when you become romantically involved? If any of these questions apply to you, you need to learn how to be a strong, independent woman even when you're in a relationship. Love can be overwhelming and it's perfectly understandable that you would start to lose yourself when dating someone you really care for, but it's important to recognize and celebrate the fact that you are your own person. While it may seem like an intimidating concept, knowing who you are and holding true to that representation of yourself will lead to a healthier and happier relationship in the long run.

Lots of women who are starting new romances fall head over heels. They want to see their new love interest as often as possible and will make strides to impress and please him. While this is not necessarily unhealthy, it's also important to make sure that you are not sacrificing your desires and needs to make this new guy happy. It's even more important to make sure that you do not downplay or change your personality just to appease him.

Do not let your new relationship take over your life. Make sure to separate time with your new guy from time spent doing the things you loved prior to entering into this relationship. Keep working towards success in your career. Do not give up activities you enjoy just because he might not be interested in sharing them with you. Do not put your friends and family on the back burner just to spend more time with your guy. Not only will this help keep you a more well-rounded person, it will prevent your significant other from thinking that he is the only worthy thing in your life.

A lot of women sacrifice their decision-making when in a new relationship, as well. In some instances, it may seem like you are just trying to keep him happy, but you are also setting a precedent for the rest of the relationship if you let him choose every little thing. If he always picks where to have dinner or what club to go to, it's time for you to speak up. Do not feel like Thai food and an action flick tonight? Tell him! All healthy relationships involve a lot of give and take, and if he cares about you he will want you to be satisfied.

If you do not let your new guy know that you have opinions and particular tastes, how will he ever figure it out? Guys are dominant creatures and they certainly like to feel like they are in control of every situation, but if you give him the right ideas on how to keep you happy, he can make that decision to make you happy and both of you will be satisfied .

Romantic relationships can be intense, especially in the beginning. Do not let your infatuation with a new man overtake your personality and lifestyle. Any man worth his salt will be happy to be with a woman who knows what she wants and appreciates her independence.

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