How to Be the Guy Who Gets Laid More Than All of His Friends

There are two requisites to this article making sense to you. The first is that you have at least one male friend. No problem. And the second is that at least one of your male friends is getting laid. Probably no problem. So, with those two facts in place, how can you go from your current position in the 'getting laid' rankings to the top of the chart? How can you be the guy who, out of all the men you know, gets laid the most often? It's a 4 step process.

STEP ONE: Develop Social Value

Women are naturally attracted to men who possess social value. Social value can be created in many ways. For example, being the 'leader' of your group of friends-ie being the one who gently controls the group and the person the other members of the group look to most for validation and direction. Another way to display social value to women is to let them know that other women have found and do find you attractive. For some men this is easier said than done. After all, how can you attract a woman by showing her that other women find you attractive without first attracting a different woman? It sounds like a closed loop, but really it's not much of a problem. You just give women hints that you have lots of experience with other women. You tell your target a story that includes very subtle indications that other women have and do find you sexually attractive. You drop little things into your stories like, "My ex-girlfriend Rachel came with us …" etc. Other ways to develop social value-and therefore move above your peers in the attractiveness rankings-are to dress fashionably (check men's magazines and the windows of popular male fashion stores for ideas) and have female friends your targets can see you with. This gets across the idea that you have already been selected by another woman as attractive, which makes the woman watching, your target, find you attractive from the outset.

STEP TWO: Develop Tight Game

This is the biggest hurdle for most guys, but that's to be expected. Tight game means being able to easily talk to women and do the right things to make them first feel drawn to you, then attracted to you, then bonded to you through strong rapport. You need to learn how to open (start conversations with women you do not know), verbally interact (talk and be tactile), build attraction (by being funny, showing social value, being more tactile, teasing and playing with the target) , and close (finish the interaction by getting the target's phone number, kissing her, arranging a date, or more.) A lot goes into developing good game, but the basics are: combating approach anxiety (that feeling of fear you get when you start a conversation with a random woman), opening, and talking. When you can do those three things, practicing and refining your game becomes easy. You rinse and repeat, learning as you go along. The more approaches you make, the more you learn and the better your future approaches go. Of course, to develop tight game you definitely need to follow step number three.

STEP THREE: Go Out and Be Pro-Active

So many men try to develop tight game by cramming tons of information about attraction and seduction into their heads from books, DVDs and the internet. This is a good thing, but only when it's combined with GOING OUT regularly. You need to go out to put the things you've learned into practice. That way, you can ditch the things that do not help your game and embrace and develop the things that do give you more success.

Find one or two nightclubs or other social venues that you can visit often and make them your second homes. Go there at least once a week and spend time making a conscious effort (it will be hard at first, but will get easier) to approach groups of people you do not know and strike up a conversations with them-bearing in mind the importance of demonstrating social value.

STEP FOUR: Learn to Manage Multiple Prospects

A prospect is a woman you've attracted but not get begun to date. When your game gets good and you start to get a fair few phone numbers, email addresses, adds to social networking sites, etc. you'll need to get used to juggling your multiple prospects. Do not make the rookie mistake of concentrating on your favourite prospect while discarding the others. And do not focus on one prospect, who may not even be your favourite, because you think you stand the best chance of dating her. Anything can happen with prospects, so you need to keep your options open. Pay attention to all of them, even if it's just with texts or the odd high-value rapport-building phone call. After a while, the REALLY good prospect (s) will reveal themselves and you'll be able to concentrate on them a lot more. If you have three phone numbers, it can take less than 10 days to narrow them down to one number and one prospect, IF you're good at handling multiple prospects.

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