How to Bring Up Talking About Marriage With Your Boyfriend

Girlfriend lets cut to the chase. If YOUR the one bringing up the subject of marriage with your boyfriend chances are you've got more than a little bit of frustration and hurt feelings going on. Am I right? And trust me on this. If he sees the least bit hesitant about discussing the subject of marriage you might just get all worked up, start feeling really hurt and rejected and throw out some crazy ultimatum that will ruin your relationship with him for good.

Understand this. Giving a guy you genuinely love a ultimatum is like throwing the relationship over the cliff. As your falling you realize you've made a terrible mistake but by then it's to late. Everyday out of despair women the world over give the men they love ultimatums of "marry me or else". Confronting a guy with an all or nothing scenario will usually not have a positive income for either one of you. You lose out on a man you love and we already know he's out one hell of a women. Right?

So before you bring up the subject of marriage especially to a guy you've been dating for a year or more give some serious thought to not having proposed to you. Did he grow up watching his own parents fight? Did his father-or mother- for that matter walk out when he was a child? There were constant financial pressures at home that he might have felt were caused by being married? Did he observe one parent controlling the other until they had sucked all the life out of their spouse?

Anticipate some of the reasons why the thought of commitment and marriage might make him want to run the other way when the subject is ever mentioned. Here's a feel good moment for you. Chances are you are not the reason he has not popped the question. Take a look around. There are a lot of unhappy marriages littering the landscape. Maybe he just does not want to ruin the good thing he has with you. Marriage CAN be a wonderful thing when two people find their soul mate, face life's challenges together and come out the stronger for it with a love that transcends eternity.

If your uncertainty of what may be holding him back be ready to be surprised. Here's a much better way to discuss the subject of marriage with him without resorting to threats and tears.

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