How to Choose Article Topics

Writing about what you love is a great start in trying to figure out a subject. Maybe your love is for horses and you know all about them and how to care for them, what they like to eat or what exercises are best. Or maybe your love is of crafting. You love to sew and can show or teach others how to perform a certain stitch either by hand or on the sewing machine. Everyone has something that they love whenever it is a hobby, a food, drink, a place, etc.

The best way to choose article topics is by sitting down and doing some thinking. Keep a pen and paper with you everywhere you go, so that when something comes to mind, you can quickly write it down. Many times people will have a great idea, but lose it as soon as they get back to their desk or someone interrupts them.

Write down your thoughts regarding the topic and think about how it is going to help someone else. Whether it be advice, ideas or just general knowledge that will encourage the reader to look at your article. You can then decide how you want the layout of your article. Maybe you are giving tips on your article topic, then you can make a bullet or numbered list of 5-10 tips that people can use. Or maybe it is a how to article that involves multiple steps. Lay it out so that people can easily follow along.

Beside writing down your thoughts, you can get further ideas by using a free keyword tool such as Google. You can then search on your ideas and it will give you topics which you can then turn into articles. The more article topics you write about the more experienced you will get and the less research you will have to do.

Like the cooking show star Sandra Lee says – "Keep it simple, keep it smart and keep it semi-homemade". The same thought can apply to articles. Keep it simple so people understand, keep it smart so you encourage readers and keep it semi-homemade by combining your thoughts with facts and you are sure to drive traffic to your articles and your websites.

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