How to Create an Enticing Dating Profile

The Internet has become a large community of people sharing common interests. Various social networks have been set up in order to let people with common interests interact and mingle. Among these social networks are online dating sites which specifically targets singles who are interested in meeting the love of their life online. Since the Internet is accessible to millions of people worldwide, online dating has become as competitive as real world dating. So, what can make you stand-out among the million people posted at online dating sites? Here is a simple step by step guide.

Step 1: Be creative with your handle or user name.

Online dating sites would often require their clients to use a handle or user name online. This is an assumed name that clients can use while online. Make sure that your handle is creative and unique. It should also reflect your personality and character. You may use an adjective or a fictitious name that has a special meaning for you.

Step 2: Create a unique tag line.

Tag lines are one-liners which serve as your short introduction at online dating sites. Make it though-provoking, interesting and memorable. Avoid overused tag lines such as "I'm the one you want" or "I'm the one you need". You may use lines from your favorite songs or movies or even quotes from famous people. However, a tag line that you created yourself is still the best.

Step 3: Writing an "About Me" Essay

"About Me" essays are the crucial part of a profile in any online dating sites. Here you are allowed to elaborate about yourself, your interests, hobbies, work and family. Write an essay that evokes your emotions and passion. Rather than making a list, write a short story for the person reading your profile. Make it evocative your true personality. At the end, invite the person to join you in doing the things you are passionate about.

Step 4: Upload a clear and recent photo.

Only use photos that are recent. Your pictures should clearly show your eyes, face and body. Avoid using pictures where your face is unclear and far away. Also include a few pictures of yourself doing your favorite activities other than drinking and partying. It would not hurt to add a few candid shots as long as they show off your positive side.

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