How to Get a Sagittarius Man in Love With You

For women who like bad boys, men born under the sign of Sagittarius may be the perfect fit. These men are typically borderline bad boy mixed with just the right amount of responsible adult. Men who celebrate a birthday in late November through late December tend to like a balance between conforming to what is expected of them, and then blurring the lines of traditionalism. They are kind, considerate and very passionate. If you want to get a Sagittarius man in love with you, you need to appeal to what he finds attractive in women.

A woman who is interesting, fun loving and humorous appeals to a guy like this. If you want to get a Sagittarius man in love with you than you need to show him that you know how to be witty. It’s important to not use self deprecating humor though. Never try and make him smile at your own expense. Instead find fun in the world around you and share it with him.

You will never get a Sagittarius man in love with you if you are the jealous type. Men born under this star sign want nothing to do with women who keep tabs on them. It’s very common for men born at this type of year to have female friends. If you want to be the lady in his life you need to be accepting of all his friends. These relationships are generally very important to him, so respect them and you’ll be sure to win your way into his heart.

As much as you’ll want to take care of him, balance that with allowing him the chance to do things for you. Sagittarius men love to cater to the women they adore. If there’s anything he can do for you, let him know. He’ll love that you asked him and he’ll also relish the praise you give him for his help. Never take on a maternal role with him. He already had a mother and he certainly doesn’t want the woman he loves to play that part. If you can learn how to please him and do things for him, while giving him the chance to please you, you’ll become irresistible to him.

Sometimes men born at this time of year have high goals for themselves. If you want to shine in his eyes, be the one who tells him that he can make any dream come true. Support him in every way possible and always tell him you believe in him. By doing this you are creating an unbreakable bond between the two of you.

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