How to Get Your Girl Back – When You've Just About Lost All Hope

So, you've broken up, and more than anything, you just want to discover how to get your girl back. After all, the time with her was the best time of your life and you want to enjoy those times again. Now you just have that horrible feeling of knots in your stomach, and you can not eat because you're so broken up over her, right?

Well, no matter how bad things are, there's usually hope, even in the worst situations. The first thing you have to do is get a handle on what really happened. That's pretty hard to do when you're feeling this way, but it's important, because you can not solve a problem if you do not know what it really is.

First things first; If you've just had a big fight and she left you, you'll have to wait until cooler heads can prevail. Give her a while to simmer down. When you do finally talk to her, let her do the talking. Get her to get rid of any negative feelings she has about the relationship. It's kind of like releasing tension and will let her start feeling good about you again. Give her some time to get her emotions in order.

If you did something wrong to get her so angry, you're going to be doing some apologizing. Not the generic variety apology either. You need to go above and beyond if you want to have a prayer of getting your girl back. If you were a real jerk, the more creative your apology, the better.

Here's what not to do. Do not follow her around, all over town and harass her. That's not going to make her want you. If anything, it will drive her further away, and fast! When you do see her, you want to be clear and coherent, not a bumbling mess, although that's not always so easy in these situations. Do not shower her with gifts either, that's just another form of harassment.

You should be able to clearly articulate to her why you should be back together, because there's a good chance she'll ask you. It's important that you can answer the question without sounding like a fool or a beggar. Confidence is not all that easy to come by in these situations, but that's exactly what you need to have. It's vital in sports and business, and it's just as important in relationships.

Plan your strategy carefully. You'll probably have only one chance to get this right, so do not blow it. Relationships are, in a way, like any other type of contest. You need a plan and a strategy to win. That's how to get your girl back, and there's a good chance you can do it, if you do and say the right things, at the right time.

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