How to Lick a Woman’s Private Parts – Get Her to Curl Her Toes and Moan Your Name With Sexual Joy!

Oral sex is often overlooked by many guys in the bedroom. You might be surprised by this, but most guys think that the only way they could get a woman to climax is via penetrative sex alone. The fact is that many women experience difficulty to climax from vaginal penetration alone. Indeed, there are a lot of women who could orgasm from oral sex. It is therefore super important for any guy to master the art of oral sex – otherwise he might be seen as a lousy lover. Read on to discover some killer oral sex techniques and master the art of pleasuring any woman in the bedroom…

How To Lick A Woman’s Private Parts – Get Her To Curl Her Toes And Moan Your Name With Sexual Joy!

“Keep Her Panties On”. This is a highly erotic technique which would turn any woman on almost instantly. Keep her panties on, and lick her labia from outside her panties. The texture of her underwear would intensify the friction and intensity on the labia. When you do this, be careful not to hurt her. This technique would work well for satin (or any other soft material) panties.

“Combine With The Fingers”. You don’t have to just rely on your tongue and lips to work her vagina. Use your fingers! One easy way to do this is to use your fingers to simulate her clitoris while you lick her labia. At the same time, moan and say dirty things to arouse her further. In fact, there are women who could climax just by hearing dirty talk!

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