How to Make Money As a Freelance Writer Even If You Hate Writing

Want to make money as a freelance writer? Oddly enough, you can do this even if you hate writing. You'd be surprised at the number of professional writers who dislike sitting at the keyboard all day. They do it because they like the freedom and money their career brings them.

Writing Anxiety: What It Is, and How to Overcome It

Writers often dislike writing because it makes them anxious.

"Writing anxiety" is completely normal. It's a well known and reviewed condition. When you write, you're using both your left brain and your right brain.

Creative, right-brained people tend to be more anxious. The "creative temperament" is a cliche for a reason.

That sick, sinking feeling you get in your tummy when you sit down at your keyboard is completely normal. Over time, professionals realize this, and they write despite these feelings. Anxiety is just an emotion – it fades surprisingly quickly once you become engrossed in what you're doing.

Rituals help. For example, I like to journal for half an hour before I begin my day's work. Not only does it help me to warm up, and mull over ideas and themes, but it also eliminates anxiety.

Create your own rituals: listen to music, take a shower, do some exercise.

Then, sit down and create – and count your words.

Set a Daily Word Count Goal

Professionals live by the number of words they create each day, and by the quality of those words.

If you're a novice, you tend to think that the words you read in magazines and books just leapt from the brain to the page. This is not so. You're reading the results of several drafts – at least two or three, sometimes as many as 30 or even more.

Professionals expect their initial drafts to be garbage. They know that they discover what they want to say while they're lying down words. They have low expectations.

It's hard working translating the ideas in your head onto the page. You'll dislike writing much less when you realize that it's a process, rather than a single event.

If you're meant to be a writer, you'll know it, somewhere in your soul.

Just because you dislike it (or think you do) is not a reason to give up. Scratch any professional writer, and you'll discover that while they may love it now, it's because they've found ways to conquer anxiety. And they've found processes which make the writing process less scary.

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