How to Mind Control Someone – 5 Psychological Tactics Used to Control Our Actions

Discussing how to mind control someone can be a controversial topic because of the many negative ways mind control has been used and is still being used to this day. Governments around the world, especially the totalitarian variety, use brainwashing methods and thought control against prisoners of war and other criminal elements in order to cement their hold on authority and repress subversive elements in their societies. Religious sects use mind control in order to strengthen their grip on the minds of adherents. Sometimes the methods of control are physical in nature, involving various methods of torture that over time have an effect on the psyche of a person. And other times the methods are psychological in nature, involving a direct psychological attack on the person to get them to change their views or behavior. This article will deal with 5 common ways though control is used to control the actions of people.

There are many methods that someone wanting to know how to mind control someone can learn and practice. Not all of these methods are proven ones so you will have to try them to see what works best for you. But you need to be aware that some of these methods really are not in all good conscience ethically sound.

1) Hypnosis is an age old method used to induce a hypnotic trance, wherein suggestions are made to the subject's subconscious mind. Once in a trance a person becomes hyper sensitive to suggestions and this can have the effect of mind control in the dramatic changes that can occur in a person's behavior and mindset.

2) Another method is popular in religious cults. In such a case, a person may donate all of their worldly wealth and assets to the movement, becoming totally dependent on the group and its leader. With all connections to the past severed, the person is a very easy subject for mind control, as all of their hopes, dreams, and relationships are attached to the group.

3) A high pressure bombardment of complex lectures that encourage blind acceptance of certain principles, values, norms, standards, rejecting logical thinking along the way, is another method.

4) A non-stop barrage of verbal abuse can break down the strongest defenses and crush the toughest spirit, leading to effective control of a person's mind.

5) In addition, strict rules like what we see in prisons today are another method. In such places, mealtimes, showers, workout times, and lockdowns are all fixed, and permission is needed for everything. These seemingly simple rules can disorient a person and make them psychologically dependent to the extent that it becomes easy to implant thought control.

Learning how to mind control someone is a serious endeavor and it should be taken very seriously by those who want to walk down that road. Complete control over another person is almost always unethical, but there is nothing wrong with using techniques to persuade others. The key is to have some moral standards to avoid taking advantage of people.

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