How to Seduce a Straight Guy

Have you been trying to seduce a straight guy but with no success? Seducing is an art. Be it a man or a woman, you ought to know some basic things about seducing before you are actually successful at it. Women are generally inclined towards small talks and lengthy conversations while men are more straightforward. Thus, seducing a man is very different from seducing a woman. Do you want to know how to seduce a straight guy?

Here are a few things that you would want to remember next time you try to seduce a straight guy.

First and foremost, while trying to seduce a straight guy, you must not sound pushy or aggressive especially in public. Odds are that the straight guy you are trying to seduce would not like to display his sexual desires with men or bisexual interests in front of his friends and colleagues in a public place. So, it is best to save the embarrassment and avoid any sexual gestures in public. Your body language can totally influence the thinking of him as to whether he wants to have sex with you or not. They usually do not want other guys throwing themselves at them in front of other people or in a party.

Secondly, if you want to seduce a straight guy, try to do things that will get you his attention or intrigue him into observing you. Let us suppose you met a straight guy in a party and would like to try your luck with him. In order to be able to seduce him at the party, you could try talking about an interesting topic with others. Perhaps a business deal that had a pivotal role in the company shares or your breakthrough with a profit-making business can make him get interested in you. As a result, he’ll talk to you further about this topic and that’s when you start seducing him.

Most of the times, it is important to pick the right guy before you start seducing him. It is essential that you collect all bodily vibes and facial gestures to find out whether or not you stand a chance in luring a straight guy. You do not want to end up in an embarrassment, every time you seducing one, am I right? So, be careful you must pick up a right guy before you start seducing. Being hasty can lead you into a lot of embarrassment and shame. At the same time, you do not want to be so slow that he is unable to pick any cues or react appropriately leading you both into an awkward situation.

In general, a bisexual or a gay is able to seduce a straight guy if you are clear yet subtle in the ways you behave while talking to him. Luring him can get even simpler by just sharing personal contact information with him and then suggesting your interests to him at a later stage of conversation. Looking for a right opportunity to show your bisexual or gay interests and indicating the same with the right gestures, you stand a higher chance to be able to seduce a straight guy successfully.

While trying to seduce a straight guy, try not to suffocate him with loads of sexual cues and bodily gestures. This will not only affect adversely and suggest negatively on your part, it may even make him uncomfortable in your company. As a result, he may avoid seeing you or evade any kind of contact with you. Seducing a straight guy is very simple if you just take care of a few things before starting full throttle. Thus, it is all in your hands whether you want to seduce a straight guy or scare him away completely forever.

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