How to Talk to Women – Seduce Them Like James Bond

There is a quick, simple way to learn how to talk to women like James Bond. You need to always present a challenge to them.

In order to present a challenge to women, you should never be trying to impress her. Always frame the situation so she is the one chasing after you. Think about it: over the years. Girls have been hit on by countless guys who are always trying specifically to impress them and get their attention. Girls get sick of it, they want something new.

Watch any Bond movie and you'll see that he sets himself up as a challenge and as a prize to the women. He lets the woman do the chasing and the seducing. Women find him so appealing because he is never trying to win them over.

Women need constant exclusion. Boring guys are just that, boring. So when you're learning how to talk to women, never talk about banal subjects. Do not talk about work or class. Never turn the subject toward the weather. Find interesting things to say that appeal to a woman's emotions or build you up as worthy mate.

Does James Bond ever mention how bad traffic was? He gives off a dangerous and exciting vibe. You do not have to be an international spy to do the same.

Always use a catch and release method with women to keep them guessing. One moment appear to be interested, then the next, pull away. Do not smother her and be bothered when others give her attention. Be your own man and she'll be the one trying to tie you down.

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Clay Yonson

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