How to Tell If a Guy Wants to Know You Better and Would Want to Become Your Boyfriend

A guy who is in pursuit of a lovely woman will do all he can to catch up with her. And if the woman plays her cards right, she'll be able to end up being his girlfriend. But what are the signs that a man is ready to get to know you better?

He will be Mister Chivalry.

This guy's level of respect for you is quite high. It's because he was already impressed by you and now he wants to know what else is underneath that confident facade.

Your comfort and safety are his priorities.

This guy will try to prove that he's capable of protecting you so he'll want to provide all the things that will make you happy and comfortable. He also makes sure that you're always secure. He does this by giving you a call every night before you go to bed or the moment that you got into your office.

He's been asking around.

You may not have any common friends with this guy but he will, nonetheless, approach your closest girl friends and he'll start asking them about you. This guy is simply gathering all the information that he could get so that when you finally talk with him, he'll know what to speak about.

He'll tell you that he's no longer dating around.

This guy is adamant in telling you that he's no longer dating around. He just wants you to know that he's already made his choice in you and all he has to do now is to get to know you better.

He'll introduce himself to you.

If none of his or your friends introduce him to you, this guy will go out of his way way to approach you and finally get to know you. He simply can not wait to get to know you so he'll muster enough courage to approach you and finally strike a conversation.

If he's an expert in flirting …

… then he 'll definitely use his most effective techniques on you. Flirting with you means that this guy is showing signs of attraction. Just keep prodding him to keep doing what he's doing and he'll definitely want to flirt some more.

He'll definitely make the first move.

If a guy asks you to go out with him on each of his time available or if he takes you with him to important events and occasions, then he's already telling you how much he would like to get to know you. Just give him a chance, who knows, this could already be your soul mate.

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