How to Use Text Messaging to Create Sexual Tension

Do you want to know how to use text messaging to create sexual tension in somebody you are really interested in? Do you want to make that person have you on their minds and no one else? Are you having a problem using texting to create sexual appeal?

With the introduction of mobile phones you now have the means to create sexual tension with just a few clicks. But what exactly is sexual tension? Sexual tension is the instinctive sexual feeling that two people who are interested in one another have when they are close to each other.

Sexual tension can last for a moment or a lifetime. Let’s now have a look at how to create text messages to create sexual tension.

Avoid long messages… Keep the messages as short as possible. Long text messages create unnecessary boredom. If you really want to create sexual tension with a text message use very precise short sexy comments. This will ensure that your partner is alert and attentive.

Talk dirty… This is where it all starts. It’s difficult to create sexual tension if you don’t talk dirty to your partner. Make your partner picture in their mind what to expect when you are together again. Dirty talk is an art. You learn it slowly until you get really good at it. Start with what you are only comfortable with and get more explicit as you become more confident.

You can tell your partner how much you love his or her body. If you love the way they make love to you, tell them. To help you with dirty talk, here are some phrases to try.

• I love the way you make love.

• I love it when you come on top.

• If you were here with me… I would have given it to you like never before.

• I am so wet right now.

• The thought of the way you smell makes me horny.

Build excitement through anticipation… What really creates anticipation is waiting for a reply. Don’t be afraid to build excitement through anticipation. It might not be easy especially if you are not getting the right response from your partner, but making your partner wait for a little bit longer can be fun and exciting. Don’t send the reply instantly. It will pay off in the end. Trust me!

Be a tease… Let loose and don’t be afraid to do a little moderate teasing. Tease your partner about a physical attribute that you really like. If you like their lips, you can tease them and say “I like the way you lick your lips”. If you’re a tease, the game of seduction is more fun not to mention more exhilarating.

Compliment your partner… If they are dressed really nice tell them that you really like what their wearing. If you want to build sexual tension with your partner, then you need to discover how to admire their sexuality without directly telling them. Just send them a text letting them know that you find them sexy. This will boost your partner’s confidence and they will respond in showing you more love.

Sexual tension is certainly a beautiful and sexy thing. Not only does it make you feel beautiful, but can make life exciting not to mention that it can give you a reason to anticipate the start of every day. Sexual tension is best enjoyed by two individuals who have a good time creating tension without having to go out on a date or talking about it in the open. If you want to keep sexual tension with your partner intact then you are better off not asking them to text you in this way. Let them respond in their own way.

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