Hungary Gay Bars

Even though the city of Budapest is home to a population of two million people, its gay community is still modest compared to other similarly sized cities. This is due more in part to the previous political regime of the country, and has no bearing on how much fun you will have here. Hungary gay bars are easy to find in Budapest and there are many gay and lesbian activist groups and clubs in Budapest that can also help you find the Hungary gay bars best suited for you.

Budapest is also home to magazines that cater specifically to the gay community, so be sure to check these out while you are here. Masok is an entertainment magazine with listings and reviews on the entertainment culture that is rich in Hungary. You will also want to check out At Last, a publication that will give you the information you need on happenings and hot scenes in Hungary gay bars.

Social organizations for the gay community are active here, and you will enjoy spending time with the Flamingo Klub or the Pocok Hamster Klub. These clubs meet for social events in Hungary gay bars or in friendly neighbourhood cafes.

No matter what you are looking for in Hungary gay bars, you will be sure to find it in Budapest. Whether you are looking for rocking and rowdy nightclubs or cruising areas of the city, you can find it here. If you are the sort that enjoys cruising, you will want to check out the area between the Vigado Ter and the statue of Petofi at Erzsebet Bridge. Hungary baths are also widely used in the gay community and you will have the chance to meet many people here as well.

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