Hypnotic Mind Control Stories

You came looking for hypnotic mind control stories. I have one that I would like to share with you. I did not believe in the power of hypnosis until recently, thinking it was a sham just like magics and magicians. I assumed that hypnosis shows were just clever attempts at driving the crowd. I was more wrong than I ever could have imagined.

I recently ran into some hard financial situations with my family and was searching for a solution. My job was steady, but I just needed a bit more money to make it everything I needed. My wife encouraged me to ask for a raise. I scoffed at the idea, because I'm not a very outspoken person. I like to keep to myself, do my job, do it like an average employee, collect my check and go home. I was terrified of the idea of ​​asking for a raise.

So I turned to the internet, looking for tips on how to get a raise. Unfortunately, most articles were focused on how to get a job. I already had the job. I needed a raise. By the days I was becoming more and more scared that I would not be able to provide for my family.

Somehow, I stumbled across something that had to do with Hypnotic Mind Control Stories. It was a course designed to teach you how to hypnotize someone, and convince them to do your bidding.

The basic idea involves putting them into a trance, and then slowly leading them down a path to get what you want. Each step on the path needs to be small and not jolting, and you'll always get them where you want them.

I purchased the course, and was eager to see if it could help me. It took about three days time to complete, and I was ready to ask for a raise.

Long story short, the course worked, in a big way. I was able to negotiate a 30% percent raise on the spot thanks to hypnosis. I'm so grateful I was able to stumble across Hypnotic Mind Control Stories and I will be able to use the skills I learned for so much in my life.

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