I Had Sex With My Ex Boyfriend – Why This Spells Disaster If You Want Him Back

“I had sex with my ex boyfriend.” That’s never a good thing to say. It’s even worse if the woman saying it is in love with her ex. The decision to sleep with an ex in an effort to get him back may seem like a fantastic idea. In reality, it’s actually one of the worst things you can possibly do. If you’re contemplating this, stop right now. Once you understand how completely and utterly destructive this can be, you’ll realize why you need to avoid it at all costs.

Whenever a woman says “I had sex with my ex boyfriend,” it comes with a bit of regret. Soon after she’s intimate again she’ll likely realize that it was a mistake. That response is mainly the result of him not reacting to the intimacy. To him it was probably just sex. To the woman it was the beginning or the promise of a renewed romance. Men don’t view intimacy the same way and you have to remember that before you jump into bed with an ex boyfriend.

One of the biggest problems that a woman will face if she has sex with her ex boyfriend when she really wants more, is he’ll misread her intentions. When a woman sleeps with her ex before they’ve re-established their broken relationship, he’ll assume that means she’s now open to the idea of being a friend with benefits. Once a woman wears that label, it’s almost impossible to shed it. He’ll assume that you’re okay with casual intimacy and if you continue to sleep with him, you’ll be even more emotionally tortured.

It’s not unusual for a woman to find herself in this position, hopeful that the sex will help reawaken feelings in her ex. Suddenly weeks or months down the road she’s shocked and saddened to learn he’s calling off the intimacy because he’s started dating someone else.

He won’t respect you if you’re intimate with him. He won’t get the message that you still love him and want him back and he won’t fall madly in love with you after you two make love. Men’s minds do not work that way. He’ll think you’re enjoying the sex as much as he is and he won’t see anything beyond that.

This is an area you don’t want to venture into ever if you do indeed want your ex boyfriend back. There are many other more effective avenues you can take that will keep your self esteem intact while winning back his heart.

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