I Think My Male Friend is Attracted to Me! Look For These Behavior Signs & Be Sure About it

How do you know when your male buddy is crushing on you? Whether you end up feeling the same way, or would stay stay friends, there are effortless give-away signs to discover if he has feelings and intentions other than platonic. Here are the most common symptoms:

He stalks you on social networking sites and is always first to comment.
He always seems to be online and when you tweet or post on Facebook, he instantly likes, or comments about your post. You do not see it, but this is because he is trying to stay within your radius. He wants you to pay attention to him, without thinking that he's totally into you. Social networking sites are kind of like his safe grounds.

His face lights up when you walk into a room.
It may seem like in the movies, but real girls notice this with real people who are crushing on them. You walk in, and he looks up and smiles. Before you walked in, his head bobbed up and down and his eyes continually scanned the room for you. When a guy likes you, your presence means everything to him, and he's comfortable knowing you're in the same room.

He is touchy-feely, in an awkward way.
A guy who is associated to you will want to break the barriers of touch. So, he may reach out to you and tuck strands of hair behind your ear. Or, he may playfully pinch your cheek, or lightly tap you on the shoulder when he's coming from behind you. Breaking the touch barrier is his way of taking a step closer to you.

He does not want to hear about your romantic escapades.
If he's a friend, and you tell him regular stories about your love life, he will cringe and pretend to not listen. In fact, in his head, he wishes he did not have to listen. Behaviors you will notice are straying (stepping away and pretending to be busy with something), becoming quiet (losing his mood to be in a conversation but not tell you why) or changing the subject (segueing to "hey have you seen that movie? "Or similar.) He likes you, and he's jealous.

He wants to hear about your romantic escapades.
He fantasizes about you and him being together, so he may want to listen to your raves and rants about love. This is because he wants to get on your good side, and do exactly what you want in a good boyfriend. Be careful with guy friends who listen too much to your love woes and wins, because they may be making a creep sheet out of dating you. Where's the fun in that?

He's always the super-hero guy friend.
What is he doing, and why is he always available when you need something? You were talking to yourself saying you wanted coffee, and there he is a few minutes later with your favorite brew. You're upset with your lady friends for blowing you off, and there he is offering to keep you company. Notice this: He will make crazy attempts to make you laugh.

He's constantly fighting for your approval.
Whenever you ask him what he thinks about something, he'll say whatever you say. You're totally in love with Josh Groban (whom he hates because he's into rock) but when you gush, he says Josh Groban is the man. If you hate a college from work, he tells you he'd hate it too. He's always there trying to get interested in your interests, even if it means late nights and boring museum tours for him.

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