I’m Siberian: The Brand That Breaks The Ice

“I’m Siberian” is an introduction enough to make an uninformed imagination go wild, creating enough icy and grizzly images to fill a Discovery Channel segment. I’m Siberian, a project created by proud locals across Siberia, has created a self-identifying brand and interactive campaign to shape perceptions of Siberia and transform them into something defined: a fresh and exciting outlook into a largely undiscovered spot on the globe.

Director Eugene Starstenko and the passionate team behind him hope to shape and recontextualise misconceptions and general misunderstandings surrounding the cultural capital of Siberia, one white and blue t-shirt at a time.

The I’m Siberian campaign specifically aims to promote the region’s profile abroad through an array of trendy products donning trademark frosty colours and the logo I’m Siberian

The ambitious initiative hopes to counter a lack of cultural knowledge of one of the world’s most vast but relatively blank spots on the globe, and a place the majority of those involved in I’m Siberian call home.

The project connects voices taking part in an upsurge in Siberian self-identity and pride that can be seen across the region. The I’m Siberian movement is a bleak contrast to the misconceptions surrounding Siberia, often considered a pit for raw resources void of any culture and expression.

I’m Siberian has created a social phenomenon far, far away from the frosty and miserable images of Russian lifestyle so often associated with Siberia.

‘Change is up to us’ is featured on the I’m Siberian Facebook page, shifting the focus from Siberia’s checkered past to its current dynamic culture, which I’m Siberian is at the forefront of.

Director Starstenko notes that the campaign is unattached to any political or separationist movements within Siberia, and is completely void of any religious or political undercurrents. I’m Siberian is a campaign embodying pride and self-identification to the frosty region of Siberia, with no affiliation to radical parties operating within Russia.

I’m Siberian is about fostering new ideas and a developing youth culture, translating them to the rest of the world through humor, diversity and a sense of community. The brand celebrates everything Siberian from bears, vast space, ice hockey, forests, snow… and more snow.

The internet project has a range of I’m Siberian merchandise promoting affiliation to the region and transforming Siberia into a place to celebrate, identify with and show to the rest of the world with pride.

The signature white and blue I’m Siberian t-shirts gained attention on Facebook through posted photos and formed an instantaneous online following. 5000 people have bought the shirts worldwide and contribute to the campaign’s message, which encourages uploading photo content and attend events dressed in I’m Siberian signature tees.

The brand’s merchandise range has expanded from t-shirts, to suitcase stickers, passport covers, iPhone cases and even frozen t-shirts, each available on the I’m Siberian website. New creatives have begun to join the revolution – young artists, designers, photographers, musicians, journalists, sports personalities and businessmen have jumped on board and are working to spread the project’s message across the globe.

I’m Siberian is focused on keeping the project open and interactive – it was handcrafted for passionate Siberians and continues to involve them.

Featured in hip, cult publication The Village, I’m Siberian was attributed to leading a new emerging dynamic in Russia, disregarding the ‘cultural cringe’ surrounding Russia’s capitals which is stifling growth within provinces.

The campaign hopes to become the voice of an emerging voice within the global community, as Siberia expands its global footing. The Altai region has seen a 12% rise in employment, representing 10,000 new employees in the workforce.

The campaign also hopes to see an increase in the number of visitors through areas such as the volcanoes of Kamchatka peninsula in the east, to the freshwater Lake Baikal in the south of Siberia.

I’m Siberian is not just a campaign: it’s a Siberian-wide movement of passionate young people hoping to shape the world’s view on Siberia. The idea of how to act and feel like a Siberian is revolutionizing. With an alive and evolving project brimming with new ideas, authors and works, there’s no better time to let people know “I’m Siberian.”

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